We help make your vacation FUN

Welcome to the home of a rather super awesome tour operator based in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our goal is simple, to create memorable experiences and make your vacation shine and your smiles huge!

    You probably want to know a little bit about us if you’re going to work with us, so here we are…

    Corporate Magician


    Thomas, a.k.a T.J. or T-money (don’t ask) is a Dominican/American with nearly two decades of experience working in Dominican Republic tourism. He’s also kinda the guy in charge of this whole outfit at Punta Cana Tours; or at least he thinks he is. Behind the scenes, he’s the mediator between the team and the facilitator to get big things done. Like any great magician, he’s difficult to find; except for the end of the month, when the bills are due. 

    Chief Amazement Officer


    Originally from Haiti, Garry is our operations godfather with decades of experience in Punta Cana tourism. Locally, Garry knows everyone. You want something? He makes it happen – bada bing, bada boom! To ensure first class service, Garry is reachable 24 hours a day; at times it seems like both him and his cell phone never sleep. If he doesn’t answer, don’t freak out, he’s probably taking a walk on Bavaro Beach and he’ll have his people call your people right away.

    Progressive Strategist


    Ken works hard but tries not to take himself too seriously. Born in Germany, he grew up in California but calls the Dominican Republic his home. Whenever he has some free time, he’s jumping on a plane to explore another unique corner of this world. An avid diver, he feels more at home swimming with sharks than watching TV. Oh yeah, he’s also the guy that sort of keeps this site from falling apart.

    Da Group Boss


    Yeny, pronounced (Jeny) like “Jeny from the block” is the no-nonsense female who keeps the company and, more importantly, her male colleagues in check. Yeny is in charge of Groups and also makes sure this whole outfit runs smoothly. You can find her, sometimes simultaneously, crunching accounting numbers, on a sales call and dealing with a cranky client. All that and she still finds time to tell us all what to do.

    The Fixer


    Jonathan is the office fixer – on the ground and in the trenches. Plainly speaking, he gets things done. Chat? Ya he does that. Email? You bet ya. Reservations? Like a pro. He gets it done and cleans up the mess. Problem with a booking? Client not picked up? A couple calls from Jonathan and it’s like it never happened.

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