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Wonderful as Always!

by Verena 2016-05-18
We have been using Caribbean Dreams for the past 5 years, and they never disappoint. They are always their waiting for us. Their driver's are professional and go out of their way to make you feel at home. I would highly recommend using them. Mary

Best Part of our Trip!

by Jim 2015-09-17
Catamaran ride to Isla Saona was the most memorable experience of our DR 2015 trip. The excursions with our hotel were pricey so I found this offer online for a much better price. The bus picks you up at the hotel and takes you to the catamaran where girls with rum and coke were already waiting for us. Everybody on the boat had a lot of fun dancing to the rhythm of latin music. The island itself is the prettiest place that I have ever been to, surrounded with palm trees, white sand and butterflies. As soon as we arrived to the island, buffet was open. On the way back we stopped by the natural pool where we took pictures with the star fish. Thank you for the great time!


by Charlotte 2015-09-16
This was an excellent experience. My wife and I really enjoyed our excursion. The Caribbean Dream staff were very friendly and wasn't pushy or overbearing. They provided everything we needed and were very informative when it came to details during the tour. I'm glad we had the truck with the big tires because the roads got a little bumpy and rough. I'll never forget this experience because it shows you the real Dominican Republic and that's what I wanted to experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Not just from the luxuries of the resort. Excellent!

Wedding- PreGame

by Stacyep3 2015-08-27
I was nervous to contract a company so far away to take the guests attending my son's wedding in Punta Cana on a Catamaran day of fun. From the first email until we where back on the beach all I can say is..... everything they promised they would do happened. Shuttles picked us up from our resort and drove us back which made it an easy activity to do.Thomas was on top of everything. The day out on the water was amazing so much fun. We had approx. 50 people and they could not say enough on how great it was. A floating boogie board bar in the water was a hit! The experience really added to this already special day!!! Thank you:):) Stacye P.

Wedding Boat

by Tommy A 2015-08-27
We used Caribbean Dream's Wedding Boat cruise for our guest after getting married last month. They did an excellent job accommodating our party of 50 people. The staff, music and food was great!! The boat made a stop at a natural swimming pool so that everyone could cool off from the heat. This cruise was the "icing on the" for our wedding. We'd definitely use them again.

Sunshine and Zip Line

by Chelsea 2015-08-27
Unbelievable excursion. Such a fun time. Transportation and each piece of the excursion was very well managed. Crew on the boat were a BLAST. They made the sandbar bar and the snorkeling portions highly enjoyable as well. Definitely not for kids or those NOT trying to have fun!

Great day on the water for our wedding guests!

by sdarras 2015-08-25
We got married in Punta Cana 2 weeks ago and I wanted to offer something different to our guests. I thought why not check out what it would cost to reserve a Catamaran for the day just for my friends and family. I never thought it could be so affordable and from a distance so simple. It was during my research on the net that I found Caribbean Dream private tours and when I sent an e-mail for further info Thomas J. Murray - Rodríguez his response was immediate and friendly. We were able to come to an understanding that I was very satisfied with and the payment and cordination of the entire trip went smoothyl without a hic feom Montreal 2 months prior to our vacation. He was prompt, professional and very precise in all his e-mails and working in customer service myself I was EXTREMELY satisfied with the entire process. The party o the boat was AMAZING as promised we had the entire catamran reserved just for our party of 35 people and we had a memorable day that we will never forget ! Thank you for everything I highly recommend these guys!


by RENEE C 2015-08-23
We did 2 different excursions through Caribbean Dream Tours!! I am 50 and my son is 12 and let me tell you... it was a blast for both of us! My son & I loved the Fun Fun tour in it's entirety! I will say be ready for a FULL fun filled day! One suggestion, take something to do on the ride up and back. We also did the Canopy Zipline Tour that topped the other zipline adventures I have taken! Remember to take your "go-pro"! The team really knows how to work together and make you feel safe!!! I would definitely recommend both for the Young & Old!

Very fun afternoon!”

by MamaLoves2Travel 2015-08-20
We’re UVC members (Unlimited Vacation Club). One of the perks is that wherever we go, there is a weekly catamaran tour that our club does for its members. In Punta Cana, it was on board Bebe. Very fun afternoon, with food, drinks, music and laughter. They took us snorkeling then they took us to another part of the island that had a natural pool in the ocean that went on and on! It was beautiful. The staff was very upbeat and fun. They included everyone, young & old, we all had fun! We even had a dance contest where winners won prizes (shirts, hats, gift baskets with food) I’m not sure if the prizes are from Bebe staff or from UVC. (UVC staff were on board with us to enjoy the party) I would definitely recommend this tour. Tip: bring tip$. (This was the only thing we kinda didn't like…At the end of the trip, a lady from Bebe walked around with a hat asking for donations. We had already handed ours directly to the main guy, we didn’t know they would walk around for tips. When we tried to explain it to the girl walking around with the hat, she wouldn’t leave, she just kept shaking the hat in front of us. The guy we gave the tip to said something to her in Spanish then she finally moved on. We always tip so that was an awkward moment for us.) If you found this helpful, please don’t forget to hit the thumbs-up button :) And feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you & happy traveling!

Saona Island!

by gary m 2015-08-18
Had an amazing time! From the speed boat ride to the island, having pictures taken with starfish, swimming in the beautiful ocean, to the catamaran ride back, it was all extremely fun!! I would definitely recommend doing this excursion if you plan on visiting the Dominican!

Dual adventure- jeep tour!!

by Vremo 2015-08-15
Both were great -on time-tours were lots of fun -one of the best parts of are trip-all the tours guides were friendly and very helpful with info or anything you needed

Horseback Riding on the Beach!

by 1000MilesBehind 2015-08-12
We went horseback riding on the beach through this tour company. WOW. I have never actually "gallopped" on a horse before. The trainers were professional, knowledgable and would make the horses run which was a ton of fun. The beach was virgin and beautiful. Absolutely incredible experience.

Super Great experience!!

by ryoko196 2015-08-08
I enjoyed the staff. They communicated well. The photographer was pretty good. We enjoyed the beach horseback excursion. Next time we go, we will do the private session. Didn't know that was available til we got there because online doesn't allow you to select that. So maybe call if you prefer one on one. I got the experience I was looking for and they allow you to gallop at free will. Unlike visits we've done in America, this exciting ride was the one to captivate our horseback riding place. Deff would go back again.

Airport Trans and 1/2 day Zip Line!!

by mike s 2015-08-05
The company did a very good job. Waiting for us when we got off the plane and were 10 mins early to pick us up to go back to airport. The zip line was a blast. Its a long ride but I enjoyed getting to see the country side of Punta Cana and neighboring towns. Our guide Julio was very informative about the history of certain things along the way. I would recommend this trip and this company in particular. Moezam

Family celebrating a 40th birthday!!

by JKCBC 2015-08-03
We had a wonderful time! This is our 5th time to the Dominican and second on a snorkel cruise. We contacted Caribbean Dreams to inquire about a cruise that would accommodate a family birthday party with people aged 2 years old to 82 years old. We were given a private catamaran, lunch was served, we had an amazing crew (Santos, Sunny, and Roberto) who treated us royally. We had multiple stops and they ensured the children were well taken care of. We used our own phone for music playlist but they had music too. Easy PayPal option and email confirmation. The driver at our hotel was timely. Amazing time!

Great Excursion/Tour Company!!

by Jessica R 2015-08-01
We went on the Santo Domingo and Isla Catalina Excursions. Both were great. They were all day tours. The staff was fun and professional. I never felt unsafe. We did everything that is in the website tour descriptions. I was a little bit disappointed with the Santo Domingo shopping. I thought we'd be able to walk around the town a bit and walk into shops of our choice but they only take you to one place to shop. When we were on our Santo Domingo excursion, there were some rude tourists from Portugal on the bus. They seemed to think that the bus seats had their name on them. They made a HUGE stink when after visiting an area and got back on the bus, I sat where their child had sat previously. They were yelling and screaming at the poor driver (Alberto) in Portuguese and he didn't even know what they were saying. Keep in mind when you go on these tours that the bus seats are open to anyone. Of course if you leave your belongings on your seat, it's common sense you will sit there again. But not if the seat is vacant. These drivers and tour guides work very hard. No need to get ugly. You're on vacation! Have fun! Please don't forget to TIP!!!!


by JaneJason 2015-07-29
The company itself as a whole is great. But I was disappointed in my excursion because I was under the impression that my dune buggy tour would take us to Hoyo Azul yet it didn't. The only reason why I booked the dune buggy excursion with this company was because it advertised and explained that it would take us to Hoyo Azul. The tour guide was very nice and did a great job of making sure everyone had a good time. My husband also enjoyed the buggies but hated that we had no opportunity to really have some fun. We were literally just following each other for miles bumper to bumper.

All in all a really enjoyable excursion!

by wkotch 2015-07-27
The island was very beautiful, the ocean had far less seaweed that our resort beach, Bavaro, so we were pleased. The buffet brunch was very plentiful and good. The staff were friendly and we felt comfortable following them all day from bus to boat to island to boat to bus! My only negative remark would be the bus commute time. From our resort to the dock to board the speedboat was 3 hours. The return bus ride was half of that time, 1 1/2 hours. There were also two stops along the way that did not look like passenger pick ups.

Amazing Ziplining/ Hoyo Azul, Tour of Santo Domingo, and Dun Buggy excursions!!

by ItsGilbert 2015-07-25
I went on three excursions from this company and each was amazing. I was visiting Punta Cana for the first time with a girlfriend and we went on the Zip lining/ Oyo Azul, Tour of Santo Domingo, and Dun Buggy excursions. Each provided us with on time transportation. The guides were very nice and fun. They really know their history. For the tour of Santo Domingo, our guide alloted is us enough time to take pictures, shop, and even gave is a gift of local Dominican snacks on the bus ride. They really know how to introduce you to the culture of DR. I would differently recommend Carribean Dream because you get what you pay for. PS: Macao beach was my favorite stop on the dun buggy tour. The water was perfect.

Catamaran Bebe!!

by BigJim02 2015-07-22
We did the half day tour down the Bavaro coast. The trip was great fun with a few stops for snorkelling and then one where they had a floating bar, turned up the music and had a lot of laughs. All in all the trip was a great morning out and great value for money.

Deep Sea Fishing

by jesslynborski 2015-07-19
The guides were super nice, although we got so sick. The trip is a long one (4 hours) of actual fishing, not including the travel time (for us it was about 45 min one way). We were impressed with their kindness when we became sick and also their enthusiasm.

The Jeep Safari was an Unforgettable Experience!

by Julie Z 2015-07-16
My family and I just got back from Punta Cana and booked the Jeep Safari tour through Caribbean Dreams online before we left for our vacation. We were picked up on 6/17/15 by our guides Anya, Mario and John. My husband drove our jeep and our three girls rode in the back. This was one of the best excursions we've ever experienced. We were able to do a variety of things, from seeing how to make chocolate and coffee at Christian's house, to horseback riding and zip lining, to rolling our own cigars at the tobacco factory, to having lunch on the beach as an end to our amazing day. Our guides were so friendly and knowledgeable sharing the culture of the Dominican with us. Christian's house was very interesting in that we were able to try food from his backyard that was so fresh; our favorites were the pineapple and passion fruit. I can't put into words how fun this excursion was. An even better part was that there was a photographer taking photos throughout the day and everything was uploaded to Facebook so we can download the pictures for free. If your family is up for an adventure and wants to experience a variety of activities in addition to learning about the culture, then this is the perfect trip for you. We highly recommend it and will definitely do it again if we're ever in Punta Cana.


by Melimae065 2015-07-14
We took the 4 hour private sailing adventure, and Roberto, Santos, and Sunny made sure we had a blast!!! These guys were perfect gentleman and we enjoyed every minute on our boat! Thanks for a great day in Punta Cana!

Super Truck eco safari = Great day!

by Katrina D 2015-07-12
This was our favorite excursion in Punta Cana! The guides were so friendly and helpful and had a wealth of knowledge about the area. We had a lot of fun and learned a bunch. Macao beach was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this excursion! Our guide spoke five languages so no matter where you are from you can enjoy this excurion. Do it! You will be glad you did!

Samana Waterfalls!

by smith W 2015-07-10
This was amazing and I am so glad that we experienced this. HOWEVER, I was not very happy that we were not informed of the 250 steps. We pre planned and paid almost $600 for the 2 of us using the website. No where on the website was there any mention of the physical challenge necessary to get to the waterfall. And we were not informed until we were at the 1/2 way point. I am 54 with a bad heart and bad knees, and my boyfriend is legally blind. We travel a lot and we always plan our excursions in advance and have never had this happen. So please Caribbean Dream consider including information about the physical challenges on the website so that others can make an informed decision before purchasing. We did however complete this excursion with the assistance of 2 wonderful guides from the horse farm. So if you are physically challenged be aware that you will see an amazing waterfall but not before climbing down and then back up 250 uneven steps...


by Neil T 2015-07-07
The rate provided by Caribbean Dream for private roundtrip transportation was only $4 more than it would have been for a round trip taxi ride. All other services wanted double what CD was asking. Upon exiting the airport our driver was holding the CD sign and confirmed our identity. We were promptly escorted to an air conditioned van and efficiently driven to our hotel. Upon departure we were picked up right on time and, again, departed in a new model van with the AC blaring. My wife and I had to change dates/times for pickups as airlines delayed us for a day. This was completed with one simple phone call. If traveling to Punta Cana I would only choose CD for transportation

Zipline Canopy

by Valencia D 2015-07-04
My husband and I zip lined with Caribbean Dream on our honeymoon and had a great time. The staff makes sure that you are aware all things required to fully enjoy the entire experience. Julio Caesar was our tour guide to and from the location and he did an absolutely amazing job hosting. It is apparent he truly enjoys his job and that made our experience better!

Hoyo Azul and Zip Line

by Shenielle G 2015-07-03
This was the most amazing trip ever I do plan to come back with more friends sometime soon. Zip lining was easy and time less very organized love the short woman instructor for the Zip line has lots of personality.

Great Tour!!

by Laura L 2015-07-01
We booked the double adventure tour and it was great. We had to much fun. The staff was friendly and professional. i would definitely recommend this tour and this tour company.

MINI Cooper excursion!

by Abby s 2015-06-28
The MINI Cooper ride was fun and the customer service is very good from the tour guides. The cigar making place, church and museum are good spots to touch during the drive but, they could spice it up a bit with more interesting spots like Macau beach etc.

Great Experience

by Abbye D 2015-06-25
We had such a great time zip lining and swimming in Hoyo Azul! Make sure to bring enough cash to purchase pictures, tip the driver and tip the zip line operators! Definitely recommend this excursion!

Best Crew Ever

by Gadgetello 2015-06-23
My husband and I had a private excursion on Teresa May 20th. Food awesome....drinks fantastic.....Crew unbelievable! Thanks Captain Wilke, Miquel and Stephanie for a fantastic time and memories for our 20th anniversary! We will be back!!!!

Caribbean Dream Dual Adventure

by cardiogirl722 2015-06-21
WAS AMAZING! Had a great time would use this company agian for other excursions as well! the hospitality was top notch!


by Jesse C 2015-06-18
My fiancé and I had never been on the ocean before and were a little nervous but the captain and crew were so fun and energetic we lost out nerves. We had a fabulous time, snorkeling for the first time, jumping off the catamaran and then hanging out in the natural pool. I'd recommend this to any young couple looking for a little adventure!

Saona Island

by sbenx02 2015-06-18
The island of Saona is beautiful and we loved the whole experience on the catamaran. The crew were all friendly and you could tell they totally enjoyed their job. The food was good and honestly the massage (for additional fee) was one of the best I've ever had. It was by far our favorite day in DR. Only downside, it wasn't clear from the website details that we would be on a bus for almost 3 hours going to the port to leave. I would definitely recommend this excursion!

Good Dirty Fun

by BernardetteddSmith 2015-06-15
We had a blast on the Macao Buggy excursion! It rained, which made for dirty fun. The excursion was cultural, beach and adventure all in one. We were able to learn about Dominican grown coffee (samples included), green tea, coconut oil and cacao powder. I was able to bring all of my purchases back into the U.S. with no problems. We spent time at Macao Beach where you could also get local Dominican food. The fish was tremendous. We spent time at La Cueva Cave. The water is 25 ft deep for advanced swimmers. Our guide, Carlos, spoke English very well which made following along easy. Most if not all guides speak several different languages including Spanish, French, and English among other languages.

ZipLine First!

by DenisseD 2015-06-13
Booking our Punta Cana zip line excursion was very easy to do before we left our home in the United States. The tour was EXCELLENT. The tour guide Eddie was prompt, friendly and fun. We got a bit of Dominican history as we drove to the location. The staff went to great lengths to ensure our safety as well as fun. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. Be sure to take cash to purchase photos of your fun and for tips for the staff as we were in the mountain and there is no electricity. And although tips are not required they are expected.

Great group of People

by Brian M 2015-06-10
We did a 1/2 day catamaran tour and the entire staff was very pleasant and ensured we were enjoying the day. We stayed at the Westin, which is about 20 minute drive to the beach location, but they arranged pick up/ drop off. On the boat the staff was professional and explained everything clearly and were eager to assist with anything

My Experience..

by gld0315 2015-06-08
was absolutely amazing! The tour guides were very knowledgeable. It was definitely worth all that and more. I would recommend this to anyone. Wish we could have spent more time at Bacardi island but it was breath taking.

Great Experience!

by pooh128 2015-06-07
Caribbean Dreams is legit! We did the ATV and Mini Cooper Tour and both were phenomenal! Well worth it!

Santo Domingo Excursion!

by JKJack1 2015-06-04
Our Santo Domingo excursion was excellent!!! The tour instructor was very professional and highly knowledgeable in the history and the contemporary issues of the island. I highly recommend this excursion for those visiting Punta Cana.

2 Excursions & Airport Transfer

by SarahSyd82 2015-06-01
First, we booked an airport transfer back in February for a trip in late May. My flights were changed, so I emailed Caribbean Dream to see if I could change pickup. Almost immediately I got an email back with my new pickup itinerary. When we arrived in Dominican, the driver was right there waiting for us. Van was clean and comfortable, driver was friendly. Same with the trip home! Very pleased. We did the Buggies and Hoyo Azul tour. AWESOME! The buggies far exceeded our expectations. It was a nice long ride, the stops were amazing, and the guides were friendly. We then had a nice lunch, buffet style, of hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, etc. Then we got ready for the Hoyo Azul tour. The guide was very funny and the walk took about 15 minutes. We got to enjoy swimming the the water for about an hour. We were very happy with this excursion. Later in the week we did the exclusive Punta Cana cruise. Despite the extremely loud and obnoxious other tourists on the trip, we had an amazing time. We snorkeled at two stops (one stop we saw a huge stingray). We had a very beautiful and tasty lunch at a beach stop. The food was served family style which was very fun. The ecological reserve was also a very great place, the water cold and refreshing. I had no problems with this tour company, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is traveling to the Dominican Republic!

Wonderful experience!

by Michelle4620 2015-05-29
Guides were friendly and horses seemed well maintained but a bit on the thin side. We had a group of 6 so it was nice. Beautiful scenery and beaches. I wild definitely recommend this tour and it is a reasonable price for the length of outing.

Amazing Private Chartered Catamaran Ride!

by Obsetee K 2015-05-26
Rented a 25 person catamaran through Carribean Dream. It was extremely easy to pay, my contact was very responsive every time I had any questions, and I was able to pay through PayPal which meant it was very secure (the price was also very reasonable). On the day of the trip, the van picked us up directly at the hotel on time, we went to the boat (and actually met the owner of the boat) and had the best 4 hours of our vacation (open bar complete with snacks).The staff on the boat was fantastic and super accomodating. The next time I am in Punta Cana, I will definitely be using them again!

First time snorkeling

by num1sinner 2015-05-20
This was my first time snorkeling. I was nervous but terrified once I got in the water. Luckily Heriberto (Eric) was with me and my husband the whole time. He made us feel very safe and I got so confident I went out on my own. After we stopped at a sandbar and it was so awesome. We also did some dancing on the boat. So much fun!

Awesome Excursion!

by Kiran D 2015-05-18
I loved booking with this company. Anyone who has been to the DR knows that 15-20 minutes late is a normal thing. Well this company was right on time, giving us a mini tour of the city on the way. They offered water on the bus, as well as refreshments after the excursion. All the employees were very friendly, going out of their way to make this one of the moment a memorable one. I would recommend going with this company to everyone.

Segway EcoTour - Great Time!

by Anita G 2015-05-16
This tour was a lot of fun! Learning how to ride the segways was easier than I thought (my mom even got the hang of it). If you have young children, you can ride in a golf cart instead of using the segways. You'll be taken to a private beach in a resort that was closed down which is a great place for pictures or a quick swim. There's also a stop where you learn about Punta Cana history, see iguanas, and get a small fruit snack. There is also a cart that follows you wherein you can stow your bags or get water from a cooler if you need it. Lastly, you'll hike (about 15-20 minutes) to a Laguna which is a beautiful freshwater oasis where you'll be allowed to swim for about 20 minutes. Take advantage of this! At the end, you'll have an opportunity to purchase a CD of pictures for approximately $25 USD which I would say is quite reasonable. Overall, I would do this tour again and would definitely recommend it for both adults and families!

A true tour of DR culture!

by Perez143 2015-05-14
Absolutely amazing all in one tour. Marcos and the crew are more than tour guides...they're real people that love DR and want to share it with everyone. We were sad to go back to the resort after spending the day with them. The beautiful sights, fun activities, and lessons about how people live off the land there are truly unforgettable. Also, if you'd rather not go on a large group tour this is the one for you. We were with only 1 other couple and Marcos and crew so it was peaceful and worth the money for sure!

Amazing Catamaran in Punta Cana!

by Marcelle M 2015-05-12
Our experience was truly amazing. I am a group coordinator, and took a group of 80 to Punta Cana. I worked with Thomas from Caribbean Dreams, who offered excellent service and was very flexible with our needs. The boat was clean, in great condition, and truly beautiful - the staff was even better. Everyone enjoyed their time and I received amazing service from Caribbean Dreams. Would definitely recommend it!!

Saona Island Tour!

by MargaritaCaribbean 2015-05-10
Excellent service, very punctual, great environment, great food. The natural pool and Saona Island are two of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Sandro, the tour guide was FANTASTIC, very charming, friendly, and makes sure everybody understands. (He gives the tour in Spanish, English and French). I would highly recommend Caribbean Dream and will likely book another trip next year when I plan to take my entire family to the Dominican Republic for my wedding!.

Great time Ziplining in Punta Cana!

by Raphaelle D 2015-05-07
My fiance and I booked 2 activities: zip lining and Hoyo Azul Excursion, and we loved it! Everyone at the adventures park was very friendly and the guides were definitely there to make our excursion as much fun as possible. First we went zip lining. The main guide was great at explaining the way the ziplines worked, and all the security features. The adventure consists of 8 ziplines, the first four being very short/easy ones, and the last 4 being longer/more fun ones. I wish there had been more of the longer ones, but I think some people were ready to get to the end and get some lunch! Lunch was very good (and free if you had another activity that afternoon). It was definitely designed to appeal to American tourists (burgers, hot dogs, fries...) and despite being good (I mean standard and unlimited), I wish they had provided us with a taste of local, traditional food. Then we were on our way to the Cenote, Hoyo Azul. After a short (10 min) walk through the forest, we arrived at Hoyo Azul, which is absolutely beautiful! Definitely bring a mask and snorkel tube if you can...we had a great time there and it's refreshing after the zip lining and all the walking! To kill time between activities, we walked around the souvenirs shop, and looked at the birds, monkeys, and snakes they have there... The only downside was the drive time to and from the hotel (could be 5 min, could be 40, depending on your hotel), but I think that is something that will be the same for every single excursion... We had a great time and I would definitely recommend the Scape Park!

Punta Cana Excursions - Samana and Macao Buggies!

by Alycia5827 2015-05-05
Samana Beautiful island, WONDERFUL experience. The produce tasting, horseback riding, waterfall and private beach was AMAZING! Wish I bought more chocolate, coffee and coconut oil. My horse Carmelo was slow, but that seemed to bother Armando (his handler) more than me - I like to take in the sights! Waterfall was refreshing and just enough time. Private beach was B-E-A-UUUUU-TIFUL!!! I had 2 problems with this excursion - 1. no one advises you that the 2 propeller plane goes higher than most commercial flights (this was the scariest experience of my life! I fly commercial all the time and have also been in helicopters and this was SCARY) and 2. the time at the private beach (Bacardi Island I think it was called) should be longer. The small plane ride would be the only reason I would not recommend this excursion - should atleast advise people so they know. I can only say it was worth it because we made it there and back safely! Macao Buggies Fun, exciting excursion. Lagoon was pretty. Another sampling of local produce - it was good. Again, the time at the beach wasn't long enough. Additionally, for some reason, on this excursion the drivers that pick you up and drop you off are rushing you - no thanks!

Fun, fun, fun!

by lawdawg653 2015-05-03
The zip line and hoyo azule where great. The zip line was an adrenaline rush but involves some climbing so you need to be somewhat in shape. Afterwards the Hoyo Azul was a nice refreshing dip/swim and a clear fresh water swim hole. Again somewhat of a walk to the swim hole so be in somewhat decent shape. The Macao Buggies where awesome. Be prepared to get dusty and dirty and if it rains covered in mud. What more could you ask for.

Punta Cana's Best Trip and Adventure On The Island...!

by paulcathy2015 2015-05-01
I booked this trip on line in Feb. 2015, Saona Island Excursion, after reading all the great reviews of all the other travelers. They picked us up ( wife and I ) in our hotel lobby on time like they had promised in a new and clean vehicle with the A/C on. This was the best money spent during the week. It was a full and fun filled day, catamaran boat ride out to the Island and a nice speed boat ride back. Also great entertainment, dancing and beverages for all ages all day long. I highly recommend this trip when going to Punta Cana and for a very reasonable price you can a purchase a Caribbean Lobster on the Island...Thx. Paulv-Bos

Day trip to Los Haitises National Park

by JLSoucy 2015-05-01
Excellent way to visit the countryside and see how the real people of the Dominican Republic live. From Punta Cana, it is a full (13 hours) day trip but well worth it in my opinion. Instructive and entertaining.

Very professionally organized

by Bryan B 2015-04-30
The airport and hotel transfer was timely and professional. All of the excursion pick-ups were timely and the tarzan swing was awesome!

Exclusive Cruise (Catamaran)!

by IndianaJulia 2015-04-28
Wanted to write a review to thank TripAdvisor travelers. One of the reviews I read had recommended if you go on an excursion. . . upgrade it. Instead of several little ones, we decided to do one all day one. We did the Exclusive Cruise with snorkeling, natural swimming pool, lunch on the beach, trip to an ecological park to swim in a natural spring... all while sailing on a catamaran. It was heaven!! The true highlight of our trip. When you pay a bit more, you get less people. Less people equals more attention to you and your party and more fun. I highly, highly recommend this trip and will do it again if -- I mean when -- we return to Punta Cana. Thank you!

Nice Excursion!

by OneDiva1034 2015-04-25
PROS: We enjoyed the catamaran boat ride, swimming in sand bar area, lunch on the beach, and speed boat ride. The scenery along the way was absolutely beautiful. CONS: We did not like all of the peddling of "junk" by tour operator, high pressure beach peddlers that won't take no for an answer. We also didn't like the lack of soft drinks or beer on the boat and beach - only cheap rum and coke.

Boat Excursion on the Carribbean Dream: Snorkel, lagoon swimming, lunch on beach!

by hamlaker 2015-04-23
Had an amazing time!! They went out of their way to pick up several families from different hotels from our home town to get together on a boat cruise. They brought us to a clear water fresh water lagoon where we swam and then they took us on an amazing boat excursion, where snorkeled, ate lunch on the beach and snorkeled some more. We were able to secure the boat for two more hours because we were having such a great time and did not want to go back to our hotels. We saw a ton of tropical fish and even a couple barracuda swimming underneath us. Our group said this was the highlight of their trip. Thank you!!

Well Worth the Dollars!

by Silverman 2015-04-20
My son and I went on this trip. Have to say that we both thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The massage was bliss, and really relaxing. I wasn't too keen on the shiatsu massage tables - but each to their own. The treatments on offer were excellent value and got my holiday off to a fantastically relaxed start. As one other person has said, I would recommend taking a bit of spending money with you, other than that for tipping the masseuse as there are opportunities to purchase the cd and individual photographs, you can also visit the onsite shops before and after the trip - not sure whether I would buy the cd again though as it has everyone's photos on it - it would be better if they could just put yours onto one cd - that would be well worth it.

Great Time in Punta Cana

by Sergio Martinez 2015-04-18
Recently we went on the zip line tour tour with Caribbean Dream. We booked the tour and airport pickup online and overall the experience was very enjoyable. We went with a group from work and we all had a great time. Our guide was enthusiastic, funny, and informative. I recommend the trip to anyone new to the island who wants to see some sights, get some nice pictures, and enjoy an adventure filled day in paradise. Because you can't spend every single day on the beach =)

Very Professional Transfer Service!

by PinkKT 2015-04-15
We had a large group and booked our private transportation to and from the Punta Cana airport through Caribbean Dream. They were professional all the way (always early) and everything worked out perfectly! A fair price, too! Thanks so much!!

Recommend Highly!

by SBJB0709 2015-04-13
We used the services of Caribbean Dream for airport transfers and wonderful tours for a large conference in October 2014. You won't go wrong with Thomas and Garry's help and recommendations. The service was top notch and they were wonderful to work with. We had over 400 people and the transfers from both SDQ and PUJ were very smooth. The tours were great and their assistance in making sure so many people had a great time was very much appreciated! Quick - contact Thomas for a great experience

The horseback riding on the beach was the highlight of our vacation week!

by Madeline G 2015-04-10
We booked two excursions through Caribbean Dream. The first was a snorkeling trip to the Marinarium which was fun and well run, but a bit crowded. I generally find snorkeling to be very peaceful, but this was not due to the size of the group. There were refreshments, but nothing to write home about (white bread prepackaged sandwiches). The equipment was good and the staff on the excursion were very nice and helpful. All in all it was a fun afternoon. Our second excursion was horseback riding on the beach with Rancho Caribeno. Our group was just the 4 of us and our guide, Oscar. The horses were great and the ride was beautiful. There is nothing like galloping on the beach at the edge of the water on a gorgeous day! Oscar was fun and very helpful, making it a morning to remember. My only complaint is that the information stated that refreshments would be provided and all that was offered was a bottle of water. We did, though, return to the hotel around lunchtime, so that was fine.


by April S 2015-04-10
Ziplining was awesome.. It was my first time but the kids had done it before. They make you feel very comfortable and after the first one,I was ready to do the rest.

Well taken care of!

by MsTravelingTeacher 2015-04-10
I was traveling to the DR by myself so I was a little concerned to do an excursion by myself, but the crew took great care of me. Although there was a misunderstanding on my hotel, they still came and picked me up and we were on our way. The crew swam with me with the sharks and pointed out where the sharks and rays were and even took pictures of me with them. I got convinced to do the merengue on the boat deck and had a blast. The scenery was so incredibly beautiful and the crew is who made that trip so spectacular!!!

Segway Eco Tour its Awesome!

by smcfamily 2015-04-09
The van picked us up and we headed to the tour. When we arrived we were offered some tea and then we waited for others to arrive. Then they taught us how to drive a Segway. It was fun for our whole family. Two adults, 19,15, and 10 year old all had an amazing time. We headed off through the forest and passed a lot of stuff and then ended up at the deserted Punta Cana resort(it has been closed for 1 1/2 years) It was super fun riding through the resort. It was like a ghost town right on the Caribbean Sea. We stopped and went in the Sea. The water was amazing and so calm and clear. We then headed back and stopped at a horse farm and had some fresh fruit and learned some history of Punta Cana. Our guide was Johnny and he was very good and safe. The last stop on the Segway was at the Iguana's. Once we were back at the base we walked across the road down a winding path to a clear water spring. It was beautiful and cold. We took a dip and it was very refreshing. When we got back to the base camp, they showed us the video they too and sold it to us for $25 dollars. We have everybody's pictures plus our own, but the pictures are worth it! It was a fun trip and if we go back to Punta Cana, I would do this excursion again! Thanks for a fun adventure!!

Canopy Zipline!!

by ToddinFlemington 2015-04-07
What a thrill! Long (1 1/2 hours), fun open air "bus" ride through mountain villages and towns to get up to the mountains - really saw local color! Part of the fun. Manuel (our tour guide) made the trip go faster. Once you get to the zipline adventure, everyone is top notch, safety oriented and polite. crazy fun rides - 48 yr old/14 yr old & 10 year old - all had a blast - do it!

Segway Eco Tour!

by Bfamilymilwaukee 2015-04-06
Overall, the tour was great. The driver was prompt picking us up at the hotel and our segway tour began shortly after arrival. The best part of the segway tour is the lagoon at the end where we had 45 minutes to swim. The only issue with the tour was that we sat at the end waiting for other groups to finish so they could put more of us in a van. When we did leave, the others in the van were at a hotel that was not in route to our hotel so it was a long ride back after the 40 minute wait to get return transportation.

Fishing Charter

by kimturbide 2015-04-04
First half of 4 hours was awesome my son caught a huge wahoo and two baracudas, the guy kept changing the fish being used as bait. When we were done the two guys were great to take pictures of us holding the fish, they were friendly but then asked us for a tip. It was quite a rush watching my son get such s big fish!

Private Tranfer

by Jane G 2015-04-02
We used Caribbean Dream for our transport to and from the airport. They were there waiting for us at the airport and promptly at our hotel for our pick-up. My husband forgot his jacket in the van on the way to the hotel with his phone and car keys in the pocket!!! They were kind enough to hold onto it for a week and get it to us upon pick up. Drivers were very friendly and if you are a Red Sox fan it makes for good conversation! Definitely worth the money.

Jeep Safari and Zip Line/Hoyo Azul!

by Dan T 2015-04-02
We booked two tours via Caribbean Dream after arriving in Dominican Republic. The booking went very smoothly the respective companies arrived at our hotels to pick us up on time each day. The description of the day for the Jeep tour stated that we'd start at a beach and it turned out the beach was at the end of the day. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. The experience was worth it.

Zip Lines & Hoyo Azul - Amazing!”

by Taylor W 2015-04-01
We booked through Caribbean Dream only a day before we hopped on the plane to the DR. Despite our last minute booking, everything went perfectly. I would definitely book through Caribbean Dream again, and I do hope to have the opportunity in the future. This excursion was run by Scape Park. They were on-time, very friendly, and helpful. The Zip Line was really fun, but be ready to do a lot of walking and climbing. The view from the top showed the forest canopy all the way to the ocean off the coast of Cap Cana. After the zip line, we had lunch which was advertised as light but there was plenty to go around. The fruit was delicious. There were grilled vegetables, burgers, and fries as well. Following lunch, we left for the Hoyo Azul. There is a short nature walk the group takes along the way which has an area full of orchids and other local plants. But by far, my favorite part was getting to and swimming in the Hoyo Azul. You don't really think its going to be as perfect and beautiful as the pictures, but it truly is. The water is so clear and it feels so nice. It is cold but it feels great after hiking all day or, in my case, with a slight sunburn. I would do this excursion over and over again. We swam for an hour and then headed back to the main building. There are busses that take you back to your hotel; however, my friend and I were so tired we weren't paying attention and we missed our bus. Instead of making us wait until the next bus left three hours later they found us an available driver and small van and shuttled us home immediately. They were very accommodating considering it was our mistake in the first place. Can't wait to do it again on a future trip!

Most amazing day ever!

by BRMAWH 2015-03-31
While it was a little crowded, it was still the best experience ever. A driver came and picked my mom and I up from our hotel free of charge! I don't know if it was just because we were the only ones at our hotel, but we lucked out and got our own personal van to ride in. The driver was so friendly and nice and even helped me work on my Spanish skills! When we got there, the check in was quick and simple. We had to listen to a few people talk, and then we got our life jackets and put all of our stuff in the lockers. While we did have to wait a little bit to actually get out to the water, it was so worth it. My mom paid to be observer and fortunately, the observer deck was right where my group was! I got lucky and there was so many people signed up for the excellence package, that they split us up and I was only in a group with me and 5 other people. The dolphin trainer I was with, Emma, was so awesome. She was very good with instruction, and really seemed to genuinely care about the wellbeing of the dolphins. While the photo package was a little ridiculous ($80 just for me) it was so worth it anyways because there was no way I was gonna leave without a picture. While the Dolphin Explorer business is a little greedy at times, they know what they're doing and they are a money making machine haha. Overall, for the 30 minute ride to and from Dolphin Explorer and the amazing experience I had with the Dolphins, it was 100% worth every penny and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Dolphins are such incredible creatures and I am so glad I got to cross a dream of mine off my bucket list. Highly recommend this to absolutely anyone who has always wanted to swim with dolphins!!!! I'll never forget it!!!!

Hoyo Azul & Buggy Tour!

by KerryH0102 2015-03-29
We had a fantastic time on this tour. It's beautiful! Hoyo Azul is truly spectacular and we all had a great time enjoying the crystal clear water. The Buggy Tour was equally as fun. We did, however, have issues with a couple of the buggies. We had selected this company after reading reviews that buggies on other tours were known for breaking down. But overall, we had a lovely time.

Saona Island excursion - great trip!

by jesh21 2015-03-28
had a wonderful time. i was worried about the tourist draw for this excursion, but you're in punta cana, you're already part of the tourist trap. anyway, the tour guides were amazing and so accommodating. we went to the island by a speed boat and came back in a catamaran, which i think is the best and only way to do this. also, the provided buffet lunch was probably one of the best meals i had while in punta cana. fill up on the tender chicken. definitely worth going. the only annoying part was when they tried repeatedly to sell the pictures they took of us. it would have been easier if they weren't trying to sell all the photos as a package. they'd sell more if people can just buy individual pictures. but great trip overall

Samana whale watching - Punta Cana highlight!

by 115Pete_F 2015-03-26
We took the trip to the Samana Pennisula from Punta Cana and it was the highlight of our vacation. We started out on a flight in a 10 passenger Cessna twin cruising at roughly 6000 feet. We landed and boarded our open air transportation to our whale watching boat. It was toward the end of the whale watching season but we still saw quite a few whales. Next we headed to Bacardi Island which was not listed on the tour, so it was a pleasant surprise. Very nice beach. Next stop was lunch followed by a talk on local products and a cigar rolling demonstration. Next we went horseback riding with some really great guides. Our destination: El Limon Falls. The guides work for tips. All of our 3 guides were very helpful assisting us and giving us a hand whenever we need one. The falls are very nice and the pool provides a nice place to swim and cool down. After the horseback ride back we returned to the airport. We made it back without a hitch and made it back to our hotel. The entire excursion lasted about 12 hours from hotel pick up to drop off.

Great Segway Tour!

by mj1 michigan 2015-03-24
We had a wonderful morning riding the Segway through the Ecological Reserve and beach area. It was our first time on a Segway and it took just a few minutes to become comfortable and confident riding. Swimming in the freshwater lagoon was very cool too!

Definitely worth it

by Noah G 2015-03-24
We had a great time! We did the Hoyo Azul/Zipline combo tour. The bus picked us up right when they said it would. The drive took about 40 minutes from the Bavaro Princess to get the site. The activity itself was a blast! They provided lunch for us, and got us back right on time. Staff were all extremely friendly, spoke english and spanish, and even took pictures with us while zipling.

AWESOME adventure!

by katie k 2015-03-23
I had so much fun on this excursion. They picked us up from our resort on time, the trip there wasn't bad. On the way back it was a long trip because we had to stop at so many other resorts. One tip would be- BRING SNACKS! I was starving by the time they fed us. The food was incredible though, it was well worth the wait! The beach they took us to was breath taking. The staff was friendly and fun!

Macao Buggies - tons of fun!

by dveatch 2015-03-22
We started out by being picked up at our hotel in an open safari truck and the driver was right on time and the weather was perfect! We experienced the "wild and crazy" driving of the Dominican population, they had us gasping at the narrow misses. When we arrived at the Macao Buggies site, we were given instructions on what to do and what not to do and asked if we wanted to upgrade to the bigger buggies and we were able to say no without being pressured. We recommend the smaller size. More mud, more fun! The tour guides took us through mud holes, pot holes and bumps. It is about the mud after all. They took us to the coffee/cocoa and cigar farm and were given a demonstration and samples of the local product...Mamajuana - Best rum anywhere! The vendors are there, but again we were able to say no without being pressured, we did purchase the rum and coffee beans, but remember this is their livelihood and depend on tourists, so they can be a little pushy. We ended the trip at the Macao beach where we got to dip in the ocean and clean some of the mud off. The trip was a ton of fun, we tried to splash as much mud as we could and as many other buggies as we could! We would recommend this to anyone, young or old. Just make it fun!

Caribbean Dream !Happy Meal' Puts the Boogie in your Butt! with the Best Buggy and RTV Excursion!

by George B 2015-03-21
It began with the cool designed open air truck, setting the tone for what's to come. The excursion was well planned out like the precision of a Navy Seal Mission and we were the heroes. We experienced the real country side, culture, and beautiful beaches. The moments were also captured on video and film. We simply had a Blast!

Mini Cooper Tour - making our holiday memorable!!

by Deb C 2015-03-19
The tour was very interesting - we got to see more in one day than we probably would have otherwise. The convertible mini coopers were fun to drive. Lunch was included and very tasty and made up of local favorites. The tour guide was excellent (Leah) and added interesting facts about the sites we saw that were also appreciated. Would highly recommend to others and would do again next time we are in the DR. Thanks for making our holiday memorable!!

Santo Domingo Excursion! - worth it but be prepared.

by msmary33 2015-03-17
Pros: -Excellent way to see the sites of Santo Domingo & learn about the history -Knowledgeable guide (Gregory) -Easy access to sites (already paid & arranged by tour group) -Tres Ojos cave excellent add-on -Clean bus Cons: -Long day of travel (3 hours round trip) -Too much time allotted for shopping -Somewhat of a "fish-bowl" experience (very touristy, but clearly we expected this) Comments: -There's a lot of walking on this tour so be prepared -At the Cathedral, they give you a wrap if you have worn shorts (no need to wear pants) -You stop once each way where you can use the restroom/buy snacks

Worth to book with them!

by amr1004 2015-03-16
I am very glad that I chose Caribbean Dream for our excursions. We did the Dolphin Explorer and the Dolphin Observer. I always felt safe when riding with the drivers or while on the excursion. But be warned, ANYTHING you may want to buy (such as photo or video) is very expensive! 1 photo with myself and a Dolphin was $40! I don't think it that has anything to do with Caribbean Dream and I would do the excursions again with them, no question.

The Santo Domingo excursion is worth a trip away from the beach!

by Leza HG 2015-03-16
We had an excellent and very knowledgeable tour guide. On the way back he treated us to tastes of rum, bread, cheese, and a coconut/chocolate sweet. Be prepared because it is a long day. The tour was well organized. They dispatched smaller buses to pick up and drop off people in three areas to that you were not stuck forever going around to the hotels of Punta Cana. They did have several stops for shopping and I am a shopaholic. They also stopped for lunch at a restaurant that was a lot of fun. I am giving the tour only four stars because we were in the bus too long. We drove by the monument to Columbus, the Presidential Palace and other places where I would have loved the opportunity for pictures. I also would have liked to have driven through one middle class or poor neighborhood to get an idea how regular people live there.

Mini Cooper Tour!

by ptscooter 2015-03-15
A Mini Cooper is on my wish list for my next car so why not take one on an all day test drive! The tour was great fun seeing the countryside and stopping at a town on the coast and an interesting tour of a cigar factory. Would recommend this to anyone wishing to see the sites of the country in a fun little car.

Jeep Safari was Awesome!

by Jack 2015-03-14
I went to the DR for my wedding and my fiance and I wanted something fun to do for just the two of us- so we looked at your website and decided to go on the jeep safari. I would recommend your company over and over again to my friends! I loved the staff and the excursion! It was truly a trip of a lifetime! Thank you for making this trip truly a trip of a lifetime and great start to our honeymoon :) You all ROCK!!!!!!!!

Great Transport Service!

by Jane2765 2015-03-12
I wanted to thank you for providing prompt and courteous airport transfers during my husband's and my Punta Cana trip. We also booked a catamaran sailing trip through you. We enjoyed the snorkeling and the swimming. Thanks!

Airport transport

by Calgary3MakesCrazy 2015-03-10
On time. Reliable. Good price. Staff helped locate an item we lost in the first vehicle. We were very happy

Santo Domingo tour and Speed Boat-Snorkling Excursion...Great Experience!

by ERod2013 2015-03-09
Caribbean Dream provided us with two great trips at best pricing, compared to several other tour providers. We purchased the Santo Domingo tour and the Speed Boat Snorkeling combo. My wife and I were very satisfied with the service provided by all and the excursions themselves. We highly recommend Caribbean Dream and both of these excursions. Some info regarding each trip: Santo Domingo - our tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided a detailed history regarding the country and all areas visited. The sites visited were awesome and allowed us to better appreciate our trip to Punta Cana. Fyi, you will do quite a bit of walking; according to my pedometer, over 4 miles. Speed Boat-Snorkeling - this trip was certainly an adventure and an awesome experience, particularly the snuba which we had never tried. Its a bit difficult and not everyone can do it or make it to the bottom of the reef area, but definitely worth the try. Fyi, you will be offered to purchase underwater cameras for $25 prior to boarding the boat. What we did not know and were not told is that they have crew members that video tape and take pictures with high end equipment. Had we known about their camera/video services, I would not have purchased the underwater camera and paid the $40 for the pictures/video offered by the boat crew.

Great Excursion!

by Hanna B 2015-03-07
Caribbean Dream provided us with a great excursion zip lining in Scape Park, and to Hoyo Azul. Transfer from and back to my resort was easy and fast. I definitely recommend using this service!

Santo Domingo tour was excellent!

by Jennifer G 2015-03-06
We booked the tour before we went to the D.R. and had no concerns. We were picked up at our hotel at the time they specified. Because they offer tours to everyone, the pick up and drop off was a bit rough (we switched transports 3 times and were on the milk run to pick people up). Saying that though, minor technicality. We were staying in Punta Cana, so the drive to Santo Domingo was around 3 hours, with plenty of rest stops. The tour itself was awesome. Saw the caves, Christopher Columbus' lighthouse (drove by), the Columbus mansion (now a museum), had an AMAZING Dominican style lunch buffet and ended with the oldest Catholic cathedral and some shopping. The shopping portion could have been shorter and spent more time at the caves (that portion was rushed). It was a long day, but would recommend it. We had a great time. Note: this is a city / WALKING tour. If you have bad knees, hips or cannot do stairs or being on your feet for a long time, this is not the tour for you.

Amazing 4x4 JEEP SAFARI!

by Kyla G 2015-03-04
My husband and I absolutely LOVED the 4x4 Jeep Safari. It was an incredible, fun day and we enjoyed every second of it. Don't hesitate on this one. It far exceeded our expectations. The guides are amazing people and made it so much fun. There was more education than expected when we visited Cristian's home and it was really interesting learning about local plants and fruits and learning and tasting the steps of coffee and chocolate making. The horseback riding and ziplining were amazing, safe and were for all age/fitness levels. You don't have to climb any rickety trees or cliffs, as there are stairs! They took photos the whole time and posted them to their facebook page and we can download them for free. That was an unexpected surprise that we REALLY appreciated. Lunch on the beach was wonderful. There was more road driving than we expected, but the roads are not very busy and it was easy. I would not normally be comfortable driving in a developing nation, but it was easy and the group stays together. It was worth every penny and I would recommend this tour to anyone. I loved that they keep it as a smaller group. We had 13 people total....our group consisted of teenagers to grandparents and everyone had a blast!

Fun & Muddy!

by nnekss4 2015-03-03
The buggies were a lot of fun. We got to drive through farms and muddy pathways. We made 3 stops: 1) the cocoa farm where we got to sample the cocoa and coffee- you could purchase them if you liked, 2) the cave, where you could jump into a 25 ft deep pool of water, and 3) the beach which was gorgeous. Definitely would do it again, just wish we had more time at the beach

Good Airport Transportation!

by 6stringpsych 2015-03-02
We were 2 couples who needed round trip transportation from Punta Cana airport to Grand Bahia Principe resort. We found the car clean and well maintained and our drivers were friendly and professional. They made both the start and end of our time in Punta Cana a positive experience. We will use them again when we return.

Organized and a great experience!

by Abirchfield 2015-02-28
I love visiting other areas/islands when travelling. The tour to La Isla Saona was great! Beautiful island!!! Enjoyed the boat ride to the island because the views were spectacular. Yes, we took a bus, a speed boat, and a catamaran but it was a very organized tour and lots of fun. Catamaran was awesome, staff was wonderful making a perfect ending to the tour. There were four of us, my husband and I along with our two teenage kids. We all enjoyed it!!

Amazing Experience!

by Michelle H 2015-02-27
We went on the dolphin swim excellence tour and had the most amazing time - it had always been our dream to swim with dolphins and this was well and truly fulfilled!! The tricks you get to do with them are incredible!! I am sooo glad we opted for the excellence tour even though it was expensive it was worth the extra money to interact the way you do with these incredible creatures!! Be sure to take your credit card or a lot of money with you though - we almost got caught out as to get the photos (you can't take any yourself) and video for two people interacting was $150 - luckily I just had enough but this left us unable to purchase any other souvenirs or drinks whilst there. Also included was a tropical bird show which was entertaining and you were able to get up close and photograph the birds yourself at no added expense! And there was also a sealion show included! The surroundings were beautiful and all in all an amazing afternoon - thank you Caribbean Dream for ticking off one of our bucket list dreams!!!!

Best deal in Punta Cana!

by tbird1975 2015-02-25
This was a fun catamaran tour with snorkeling, drinks,fruit and chips/salsa. They accept credit cards which was a selling point with us. The crew were a lot of fun. This was a very reasonably priced excursion for the money.

Easy to use!!

by 998mass123 2015-02-24
I booked a Super Truck Safari on the internet with Caribbean Dreams. The web site was easy to use and my vouchers were delivered promptly vie e-mail. I had questions about the excursion during my stay (I didn't read the voucher close enough.) so I used the on-line chat on their web-site. The chat was answered promptly and they followed up via e-mail. I appreciate the service. I really enjoyed my excursion and who recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the DR lifestyle.


by slomw22 2015-02-22
Catamaran trip, it was a fun little afternoon excursion. The boat staff was super friendly / funny. The snorkeling was pretty average (really not a reef by any stretch) but we knew that going into it and so for us it was exactly as expected -- - fun afternoon - good laughs - plenty of rum drinks and a few snacks (no lunch, so don't plan on filling up)


by AlexandreD 2015-02-20
We could not see whales due bad weather Pilot very responsible. I received my refund in 3 days Excellent!!

One of the Best Day's I Ever Had!!

by Bruno15 2015-02-19
Hands down one of the best day I have ever had. We chartered the Private Yacht to Isla Saona, there was six of us and five crew members. The crew made our trip, they were the nicest most personable people and at the end of the day we were all dancing and having fun!! We didn’t want to leave!! We stopped at a sand bar where the water was like a pool you could see your feet and it was so warm. He crew come out in the middle of the ocean just to give us a drink, who does that!! Then we went to the Isla Saona and had an incredible lunch, lobster, pasta , chicken you name it!! It was all delicious. We relaxed on the beach for a while then cruised around some more and went snorkeling it was the most amazing day. This day made our whole trip it was perfect from start to finish!!!

Whale watching Samana from Punta Cana by air!

by David O 2015-02-17
I was particularly impressed initially by the professional service provided when booking the trip from the UK a couple of months prior to our trip to DR. I Had to change the date of the trip prior to departure and communication and Accomodation of my request were all handled smoothly. The trip did have to be postponed for a day when we were in DR due to one of the aircraft being out of service, but it was communicated prior to our trip day and all of the rearrangements were set up for the following day. Pick up transport to the airfield was on time, the process through the airport terminal to the aircraft at departure and landing at Samana were extremely well organised, as was the return trip after the excursion. The day in Samana started with a trip to a "Ranch" where we were kitted out with Gum boots, helmets and horses. (Take a pair of socks to wear otherwise boots might not come off at the end). The purpose was to ride up to see the spectacular Cascada El Limon waterfall. the itinary indicated it was a 25 minute walk. I would suggest that was a conservative estimate as it was a fairly strenuous ride for those out of practice and at the end there was a very steep decent on foot down some steps to the falls. I overheard someone say 234 steps down and of course the same up again. The falls were stunning, it was a strenuous morning, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would do it again. The horses had individual handlers who accompanied you and would let you handle the horses to your own skill level. To the extent where when the track allowed me to canter, I could and the handler happily sprinted behind the horse. These guys were great at assessing how much assistance individuals required and were extremely helpful and hard working. The brochure does suggest tipping them, however not suggesting an amount. Reality is US$20-25 so budget for it on the trip. They're well worth it. On return to the ranch we had lunch. Which was excellent. The afternoon was the main event which was the boat out to see whales in the bay. Once we were out in the bay we spent about an hour sighting and watching for whales to make appearances. We were blessed with seeing 4 separate pairs of mother and child. I did start to take photographs but soon stopped to just watch, admire and be amazed at the grace of these awesome animals. The wonder and emotion felt when watching these massive Humpback Whales at fairly close quarters is something that everyone should experience given the opportunity. The finale of the day was an hour or so sunbathing and swimming off the beach of the island Cayo .Leventado. Then the truck trip back to the airport and flight back to Punta Cana and transfer to hotel. Overall it was a long but extremely rewarding trip which I would recommend to all visitors to Punta Cana during the Whale season up in Samana. The guide who was a local to Samana was wonderful. He radiated a passion and pride in his Samana Region, was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, and coped with a mixed language group speaking fluently in Spanish, English and French.

Beach Horsebackriding !

by Kristen L 2015-02-14
This was an excellent tour! Was a short bus ride to the ranch and we were mounted quickly on suitable horses that were in healthy condition. They had lots of energy and we walked and trotted and cantered! Very fun! The photographer kept along with us and took some great pics that were inexpensive on a disc. The views were amazing of the beach and the jungle. All in all a great trip! Kristi, Pittsburgh, PA


by ValerieB 2015-02-11
We booked our airport shuttle and excursions with Caribbean Dream. They were amazing at answering all of my questions prior to and after booking. They even had to change pick up times when we arrived due to the airline changing/cancelling flights. I didn't give 5 stars only because of the confusion with the buggie excursion. We thought we booked with a different company/upgrade but ended up having to upgrade when we arrived for the actual excursion. Snorkeling was good but again was not what we expected. If I was to ever go back to Dominican Republic I would definitely recommend Caribbean Dream.

We will use them again!

by Jim4249541 2015-02-08
We traveled to Punta Cana and used Caribbean Dream for transport from and to our hotel from the airport. What a good experience that was! The pick up and arrival went without incident, the drivers were extra nice, the vehicles were incredible! Why haggle with cabs when you can use these folks at a very fair price? I would for sure use them again!

Most amazing staff and first class service!

by Chetb76 2015-02-07
We chartered a yacht for a private day tour for 6 people!! We had the time of our life! The staff was amazing.. The drinks and food kept coming! Who gets served champagne when ur in neck high water in the middle of the ocean!! Would recommend to anyone who can afford to splurge... You will not be disappointed!! It was an experience we will NEVER FORGET!!

Lots of FUN!

by Traveler19562015 2015-02-06
We went on the Just Safari Jeep Tour with Anya, Marco and Micky as our guides. We had a GREAT time! This was by far one of the best excursions we have EVER been on. We took a bumby (part of the adventure) ride to a Dominican farm that harvests cocao and coffee. We even sampled the finished product. We proceeded to another adventure along another bumby road to zipline and ride horses. Fun! Even a little rain did not deter us! Our next stop was a cigar factory, which was very interesting. Our last stop was at a secluded beach and an “outdoor “ restaurant serving us a delicious Dominican meal! The entire day was wonderful! This is an adventure for the entire family!

FABULOUS day trip!!!!

by smiles4u64 2015-02-05
My husband and I heard from a family of 11 that this was a Fabulous day trip. The evening we heard about it we told two other couples at dinner about it. Funny thing happened... All six of us ended up going on the same day! The family of 11 that referred us were not exaggerating!! We had Anna and Marco as guides and Mickey as our personal photographer that will post our pics on FB for FREE!! From 9:00 a.m., in our own jeeps, until after 5:00 p.m. we were non-stop! The, unfortunate, 10 minute downpour we had did not slow us down! Our Horseback ride was cut a little short, but that is OK. Zip-lining was Awesome. The tour of Christian's Coffee and Cocoa estate was soooo very Interesting!!!! And the quite little get away we had our Lunch at on the Beach was Perfect!! I believe this is definitely family oriented with children that are able to do the activities. Definitely worth the money! Cindy and Mike :-) Cleveland, OH

Excellent company to book through!

by DevinS 2015-02-03
I wanted to book tours prior to our trip to Punta Cana to be sure they were scheduled beforehand. I liked how easy it was to navigate Caribbean Dream's website. Once I booked, reservation confirmations arrived to my email within 24 hours, and they offer the option to refund your money as long as you cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time, which was an excellent bonus. I wanted to confirm pick up times at the resort we were at, and when I called Caribbean's contact number I was greeted each time, and did not have to wait ti speak to someone. The tours we paid for were excellent. We did Reef Explorer, a Super Truck Safari, which really helps you learn about the culture of the Dominican Republic, and I took a private Surf lesson at Macao beach. We never had any trouble getting picked up at our resort, and everything was well organized. Thanks Caribbean Dream! I highly recommend them.

Best excursion ever, but also proceed with caution!!!

by AdventureGirlKris10 2015-02-01
Not for the faint at heart or weak knees... The Ziplining part is absolutely amazing but what they fail to tell you is that you will be climbing on the sides of cliffs and crawling through caves to get to the next platform... It really needs to be stated that you need to be in good physical condition to perform these tasks... I took my dad, who is a young 55 but has some knee troubles... He was exhausted by platform 2 because of all of the serious rock climbing... It's quite a thrill but certainly needs a warning or disclaimer... The Hoyo Azul "Blue Hole" is breath taking... The water is so clear and gorgeous... The swimming is much needed after ziplining all morning... But a slight caution... It's quite a trek to get back to the hole and the terrain is quite treacherous... Wear comfortable walking shoes that you can also hike a bit in!


by SonJa S 2015-01-31
Booking 2 separate excursions with Caribbean Dream made it super easy and allowed us to get a discount that we wouldn't have been able to get if we booked at the hotel. We did the Scape Park, zip lining and Hoyo Azul, and the Sting Ray Bay Festival. (See my reviews on those for more detail) A feature that we would like in the future is for Scape Park. Being able to customize the tours rather than pick from the ones already planned out. For example we would definitely do zip lining again but not Hoyo Azul (seen it once type of thing) and would like to try something else at Scape Park. Transportation to and from the hotel was east and comfortable.

My Favorite Excursion!

by karlita18 2015-01-29
By far, this was my favorite excursion. I really enjoyed the visit to the plantation n the horseback ride to the waterfall was fun. The guys that assisted us with the horses were wonderful n the meal provided was delicious. Nathan, the guide was very informative n Vladimir was of great help as well. I wish that the beach stay was longer. Overall, I had an awesome time. Thank u for providing us with such a wonderful n unforgettable experience.

Humpback Whale Whatching!

by Courtney G 2015-01-28
Very good experience. I went in January and was told the whales are more plentiful in February. But all in all very good, we did see some whales, the boat was lower down to the water which made it better. The trip to the falls first was very nice by horseback and the lunch was delicious. Plane rides were smooth. But it is the people of the Dominican Republic though that make everything so pleasant. They are so friendly and genuinely seem to care about your having a great time.


by Jennifer 2015-01-26
We had a great time on the The Caribbean Dream Sail. I had booked this for my boyfriend's birthday party so we could celebrate while in Punta Cana! We were with 13 of our friends and this was the best part of our vacation! The crew on this boat blew my expectations away. Snorkeling was a good time, everyone had fun. They supplied life jackets and flippers. We cruised to the sandbar and we never felt rushed. All in all, great time. I highly recommend booking a catamaran with this company.

thank you and your staff for the excellent service!

by Murray Flynn 2015-01-24
I just wanted take a minute to thank you and your staff for the excellent service on this trip. Your driver on the return was there early and our new friends that hitched a ride were quite impressed with the your operation as an option for them. Thanks

Must Do!

by TA Member 2015-01-23
Everything was excellent in this excursion. A must do. José was amazing from start to finish, he is so funny and welcoming. The whole tour felt like family by the end of the day. Food was excellent, José s family just as great. The horseback riding by far the greatest part, i have rode horses before and having the option to run was amazing. Did not feel like a kiddie pony ride. Would suggest to anyone visiting the D.R. to go. Thanks again José.

“Perfect smooth well planned vacation”

by TessaS 2015-01-22
So glad I used Caribbean Dream for my vacation plans. Booked three tours through them and all my expectations were met.

Cooper Tour!

by GrWeSp 2015-01-21
Great day away from the resort. Car was in excellent condition and the guides did a great job. Picturesque and informative stops and the lunch was amazing. Highly recommend you try this out - we did the full day tour

“Fun, Fabulous, Lots for the Price!

by Lasa123 2015-01-20
A four hour boat trip, with snorkeling, island swimming, a ton of fresh grilled chicken, fish, and sandwiches, open bar, dancing and the most accommodating staff! Lots of fun!! A must do in Punta. Cana!


by Linda Lown 2015-01-18
I found Caribbean Dream transportation service friendly, reliable, and extremely accommodating. I missed my flight from Newark, NJ into Santo Domingo. In a panic, I telephoned Caribbean Dream to let them know that the airline was going to fly me into Puerto Plato. Caribbean Dreams let me know that my drive from Puerto Plato to the resort in La Romana would be a 6 hour drive, (I wish that the airline would have told me that!) I told Caribbean Dream that I would call back and let them know where I would be landing. I was able to get on a flight into Punta Cana, but unable to call Caribbean Dream and let them know until I was in the baggage claim area in Punta Cana Airport. Once I called Caribbean Dream, my driver was there looking for me with a sign within 15 minutes. Just needed to write this review to let everyone know that Caribbean Dream has friendly drivers, clean vehicles, and customer service you can depend on no matter what happens! Linda from Pennsylvania

A Definite YES

by Someone Great 2015-01-17
This was one of the greatest excursions I've been on in any country! The tour through the town was amazing and our tour guide Wilson aka "Pinky" absolutely made this trip awesome! He went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a wonderful time! I would recommend this trip to anyone! Lots of fun!

Catamaran rentals!

by Lyndsay M 2015-01-14
We rented 2 different boats (Teresa-morning trip and Caribbean Dream-afternoon trip) during our stay in Punta Cana and had an awesome time! We reserved the boats ahead of time online and I was very happy with how smoothly everything went when we arrived. The communication was great, we were able to get responses via email quickly when we had a question about pick up times and locations. We were picked up from our condo on time and taken to the beach where the boats take off. The crew, food, music and drinks exceeded our expectations! I would definitely recommend a private boat rental from Caribbean Dream.

Great day trip to Saona Island!

by kayd000dle 2015-01-12
I was in Punta Cana with my boyfriend for the weekend and was so glad we took a day trip to Saona Island! We were picked up early in the morning from our resort and it was about an hour's drive to the beach where we'd get on the boat (which is good, because we had time to sleep). We took a catamaran there and really enjoyed it. There was dance music, unlimited rum & coke, "paparazzi" staff to take our pictures, and lots of time to relax and get a tan. When we got to the beach, they gave us an AMAZING barbecue lunch, consisting of grilled pork chops, BBQ chicken, seafood spaghetti, potato salad, seasoned rice, and a bunch of other sides and fruits. The rest of the time I spent napping and swimming on the beach with my boyfriend. I didn't time it but we had a good amount of time on the beach. The sand there is white, clean, and really lovely. After the beach, we got on a speedboat and got out to a flat pool to swim and take pictures with star fish for maybe half an hour. And again we went out to a deeper location so they could throw fish food out of the boat and we could snorkel and look at the schools of fish. After that, they offered to sell us back the "paparazzi" photos they took of us ($40, why not?) which came with photos of you, stock photos of Samoa, and the music they were playing on the catamaran. Overall, it was a super fun experience and I loved it. I want to emphasize that the staff are really fun-loving and the good vibes are infectious! They really do keep you entertained.

Zip Line and Hoyo Azul

by beth a 2015-01-11
Carribean dream got us all set for our zipline and hike to Hoya Azul, they picked us up in front of the hotel right on time as they said, easy transfer to our spot, the place was very clean, fun and more than we thought, with plenty of time to truly enjoy our selfs. Would highly recommend them!

Relax and Fun All in One

by Britney 2015-01-09
Just came back from our trip to Punta Cana last night. Booked the Reef Explorer excursion and so glad we did. My boyfriend LOVED it. Everyone was so friendly. We were picked up at our resort and taken to the the Reef Explorer meeting point. We were able to snorkel, kayak, and paddleboat. A plus? I got to hold a sea urchin! Sandwiches, fruits, veggies, smoothies, and chips & salsa were provided. It was such a fun and relaxing excursion. I definitely recommend this to anyone. Yes, it's a bit pricier than others, but you're able to do more than one activity. At the end, the whole group got together to take a shot of Mamajuana! What better way to end a day of activities? :)

Your Guys ROCK!

by Julie Silcock 2015-01-08
My family and I just returned last week from Punta Cana what a great time we all had. I am sending this email to send a HUGE thank you for the amazing service you provided to my family. Daniel was at the airport waiting for us, he was friendly, smartly dressed, great at speaking English, very informative we enjoyed his company very much. As with the returned service, he was on time. A great employee and asset to your company You guys rock and when we come back to Punta Cana be assured WE WILL BE USING YOUR SERVICES

Exellent Private Boat Trip

by Shirin-in-Va 2015-01-07
Chartered the Saint Mary Catamaran for the day to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a group of 43 people. It was fabulous! Even though it wasn't a sunny day we had an excellent time. You do need to board the boat in the water but the staff will make sure you are safe and on board. We stopped at a private beach and drank from coconuts then stopped again in a nice spot for snorkeling and once more for a party in the water. There was a lot of food and the drinks flowed constantly. The staff was amazing! They even literally carried one person from the boat to the beach! I think there were about 7 staff members doing everything from cooking, serving and navigating the boat. Highly recommend!

Great Experience!

by Jennifer L 2015-01-04
The caving and Hoyo Azul adventure was awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Punta Cana. The only negative thing I have to say is that the Hotel they told me to be at for pick up was far from where I was staying and it cost me 1000 pesos to get there. They came 40 minutes later and took us straight to the park so all was well. Then on the return they did drop me off near my hostel so it did not cost me another taxi ride, Two thumbs up!!

4 Excursions!

by nicola c 2015-01-03
Me and my boyfriend used Caribbean Dream to book two double excursions. First we did zip-lining/ visit to hoyo azul pick up was 20 minutes late but you get used to dominican time and that is normal! Zip lining at scape park was amazing but do wear comfortable clothing as the harness can be restricting. Everything is very safe. Hoyo azul is beautiful don't forget bug spray as you walk into the jungle and there are lots of Mosquitos. Secondly we did a dual adventure buggies and catamaran. The buggies were great and the terrain was very bumpy, do not forget bug spray as you visit a small lagoon and there are lots of Mosquitos. The catamaran takes you to a beautiful spot for lunch,plenty of food which all tasted good. Alcoholic drinks are included on the boat and at lunch and you swim in a natural lagoon in the sea which is beautiful clear water. Great experience and will use Caribbean Dream again.

As the name said

by Cristina P 2015-01-02
If really are looking for an experience with dolphins , than you should choose "Excellence Programm" . The interation with dolphins is amaizing and unique. You touched them, you swim with them and even more they make you to feel greate! Don't hesitate go for it!


by caty4 2014-12-28
went with my sister to the DR and booked the Santo Domingo and Isla Saona tours through Caribbean Dreams. The tours were great and the service provided by the drivers and tour guides was exceptional. We were impressed by their punctuality and wealth of information they provided. They made our vacation an excellent experience. Thank you!

Catamaran Sailing and Isla Sona Tour

by carribeans 2014-12-27
Isla Sona - The tour itself was good, the catamaran sailing was quite nice and relaxing although overpriced products were being sold. Once we got to the island, it was great and we had a good time being by ourselves on the beach. The food was average. Catamaran tour:- Cheaper than the Isla Sona tours and the snorkeling was probably the highlight. Don't forget to bring in a water camera for the tour. They will hawk you pictures that cost around $40 and its not worth it. Other than that it was a memorable experience

Great day!

by jack 2014-12-25
Lots of fun during the buggie excursion. Seemed well maintained although mirrors missing (LOL who needs mirrors!!) Photo staff take pictures along the way.. no high sales pitch to purchase if you don't want to buy any. Do take a bandana to cover your face.. it can be quite dusty/muddy.

Buggy Tour

by Gilland 2014-12-22
Gary from Carribean Tour helped us book a buggie tour! HE WAS WONDERFUL! We were a group of 9 and he made sure our transfers worked and our tour. This is a great way to see some more rural areas of Punta cana! Gary is very reliable and on time!


by Donisi 2014-12-21
The ride to the mountains was just as fun as the actual ziplining, it was a great peek into traditional Dominican life. The staff at the ziplines were professional and it was very safe. The views were breathtaking.


by Tammy 2014-12-19
My husband and I went on the Discovery Cruise the snorkeling, lobster dinner, and beautiful beach was awesome. The staff was extremely fun and helpful! The best part of Punta Cana

Definitely Worth the Price of Admission!

by WhirledTraveler 2014-12-18
Segways are quite safe--I've done tours in other destinations, and they are very fun! This tour is toted as an eco-tour; Segways are electric, and you visit some eco destinations along the way. You do not drive on the roads here--most of your tour is on beach and forest trails, and the rest winds through the resort. There are several stops along the way; first at the beach, where you can take a little dip and get some pictures. Next is a spectacular fresh water lagoon that has the clearest water I've ever seen. Worth a swim, but it's chilly and the rocks are very slippery. If you stand still, little cleaner shrimp climb over your feet and try to clean you. Then, you go to another part of the lagoon (connected by underwater caves) to see turtles. It is a nice little jungle trail you walk to get to the lagoons. This is a great trip for most ages, but not for very young children.

Don't Miss Out On This Excursion!!

by CajunLady 2014-12-16
My daughters and granddaughters went on this wonderful excursion and totally loved it! So relaxing and to be out in these gorgeous waters getting a massage was an awesome experience! I was a little apprehensive about doing yoga but I totally got into it and loved it! The little fishies eating the bottom of our feet was weird and very ticklish but made for great laughter and memories!

Reef Explorer.. WOW!!

by Dundee 2014-12-15
Fantastic!! A truly amazing day, guilds were friendly and informative. Swim with the stingrays and sharks and spend as much time as you like in each enclosure (Reef Explorer only). Our guide did a great job of making our day amazing!! Would recommend this trip to anyone. One trip not to be missed when you visit the Dominican Republic. Thanks very much guys!!

Excellent Service

by Bianca 2014-12-14
We used Caribbean Dreams for our hotel transfers and the excursion to Isla Saona, they were the best and most professional tour provider we have ever come across thank you again!

Very Good Tour

by Matthew 2014-12-12
I enjoyed the tour. Sandro was an excellent tour guide, and the driver did a very good job. The only downside, I would have liked to go into the Columbus Lighthouse instead of just stopping for photos. But other than that, a very good tour.

Fun Day with Great Views

by Yaynel 2014-12-10
Loved the Canopy Adventure. Our travel guide gave us great information on the Island as we went up to the Zipline Site. Once we got there they were quick to suit us up and get us going. It was a fun place to go and as you were ziplining you would see some great views. It was a small hike but it was the perfect time to take pictures of the greens. Loved the day and both my husband and I had a great time!

This was the BEST!

by Liane Schiavon 2014-12-08
We had a blest with the Cap Cana group (in Punta Cana)! This cruise was really delightful, hot caribean water make us feeling so good!!! I have to thanks for Adela, Dalifer and Benvenido who work on Discovery Cruise, they are really nice people and treated us really kind. I recommend this trip!

Awesome Excursion for ALL Ages!

by Bobo 2014-12-06
My family loved this excursion. We took our two children ages 9 and 11. The Snuba diving was amazing and the staff was very friendly. Our guide during Snuba diving was great. We took our underwater camera with us and Martin took lots of pictures of us. The speedboats were lots of fun too. I would just recommend bring sunglasses on the speedboats. Sandy was our guide during snorkeling , he brought up a sea orchind from the ocean floor, very cool. The staff was wonderful and we were in good hands. I highly recommend this excursion and we look forward to do this again next time we go back to Punta Cana.

Highly Recommended

by Nish 2014-12-04
This excursion was absolutely worth it. I booked it with Caribbean Dream. A catamaran ride to Saona Island on the calm Caribbean sea with music and dancing, followed by lunch and a beautiful lagoon to swim in. An entire day's trip, but lots of fun!

So Much Fun! amazing..

by Trevor 2014-12-03
The road up was extremely bumpy and I dont know how he was able to get us to the site but man was that fun! The zipline itself was quick but I still had a blast! Manuel our tour guide taught us all about the cocoa bean and the coffee bean and even hooked us up with some Dominican chocolate! Best chocolate i have ever tasted! Another thing I would highly recommend doing while down in the D.R.

Awesome Excursion!

by LaurenrD 2014-12-02
This excursion gives you everything you could want all in one! Not only do you get to enjoy snorkeling, but the party after is awesome! The staff was so helpful and friendly. We had a wonderful time

Your company and staff exceeded our expectations! Thank you!

by Ron 2014-11-30
We had a fantastic experience in Punta Cana and we received excellent service from everyone on your staff. We used your shuttle service to / from the airport and our resort. The shuttle driver was prompt and courteous with my name clearly visible waiting for us. For our excursions, everything was perfect. We had great experiences and we would definitely recommend your company for anyone looking for zip line or dolphin adventures. Even before arriving in the Dominican Republic, I was impressed by the service we received answering our questions and reassuring us that everything was ready and would go smoothly. Your company and staff exceeded our expectations! Thank you!

Great transportation to & from the airport!

by EastcoastGal 2014-11-29
We were picked up in a nice air conditioned van, the driver was waiting for us at the airport with a big sign. Very easy to find and very pleasant to be in a private vehicle. Our driver was waiting for us in the lobby when we had to go back to the airport. They are very prompt and clean. I highly recommend Caribbean Dream!!

Great Snorkeling with Pleasant Guides

by Lori 2014-11-27
We were just in punta Cana for a family vacation and did the reef explorer excursion. Our tour guide, Joel, was fantastic. He knew exactly where to bring us so we could make the best of our tour. The snorkeling all together was great! We saw a ton of awesome looking fish, sharks, and many large stingrays. We were able to hold one of the larger rays and get a photo with it. Also included was a 15 minute massage and plenty of time to either snorkel or swim on your own or even just relax on a floating bed. All in all, the best day exclusion we did while we were there.

First Time Ziplining

by Adventurerers 2014-11-26
This was truly an adventure. Wilson made the travel to the canopies almost as fun as the actual zip lining. He is a great tour guide. He knew so much about the country side, farming, and Dominican Republic history. The zip lining felt secure and a lot of fun. I would recommend this adventure to anyone visiting Punta Cana. The entire crew was great once we got there too. We had a blast! Thanks for the memories.

Fun Day! Fun and Relaxation

by Doug 2014-11-24
Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised! First thing you were handed your mask and snorkel and sent out to explore at your own pace. I started with the sharks. Was the first one in the enclosure and got them up and moving. It was fun to follow them around with the battery powered water jet! The sharks come up for a closer look, but you are in no danger! Then jumped in the tank with the stingrays. I got a huge surprise when I went to the far end of the pier only to find a 5 and a half foot Tarpon looking me in the eye! That was awesome. The rays were beautiful under water and being able to handle one was a treat! After that I had a quick sandwich and laid down for a wonderful massage. I got the full back and my wife opted for the foot massage. Both of us were very pleased with the attention we got and the great massages. If I have one suggestion here. Don't forget to reapply sunscreen because the lotion they use does not contain any SPF and you will be unprotected. My wife then laid out on a float over the reef while I explored the open ocean with a guide. It was very beautiful. This was a much better reef than I paid to go on in the Bahamas. Much more alive! You can paddle board and kayak as well, but I chose to stay in the water. The staff is really friendly and very helpful! If you want to pack in an a half day of great water adventure and pampering, this is the way to go!

AWESOME Getaway!!!

by Sunkissed 2014-11-23
SO RELAXING, awesome time! Staff was awesome, the trip was overall a great time They provide snacks and drinks and make everyone feel super comfortable! Lots of couples and older adults but still a great trip for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the sun!

Amazing :-)

by Sandra 2014-11-21
Was an amazing experience! I'm not a natural surfer, and they were incredibly patient, happy and positive. Every question we asked was answered, with a ton of information about the locals, on the trip to and from our hotel. Couldn't have asked for a better trip. Can't wait to go again :-)


by Jacquie 2014-11-19
We had near perfect conditions when we left Punta Cana. It was so calm, sunny & clear all the way to Samana. We sailed for more than an hour and then spotted our first hump back whale. The whale seemed totally unconcerned by our boat being so close and carried on as normal. It was fantastic to see this huge creature in it's natural environment. The whale tour really was the highlight of our trip to Punta Cana.

Los Haitises National Park

by Makdeem 2014-11-18
Great excursion. On the way we stopped for fresh mandarins, we also stopped at a locals farm for lunch of crackers, fresh picked pineapples and papaya. Tasted pure fresh honey, unrefined chocolate and coffee. Was all delicious and the people were fantastic. Very friendly and warm. We traveled over the mountains to the park where we boarded a small boat. Down the a canal to a bigger boat. On the way we saw mangroves, herons, red legged crabs, etc. Once on the bigger boat we traveled around the island and the tour guide, Roberto, was very friendly, informative, funny and made you feel really relaxed. There was nothing you saw that did not go unexplained. Then we went to two separate caves that were once used by the Taino Indians before they were slaughtered by the spaniards. Very interesting if you like that kind of thing. From there we went to a local farm where we had a wonderful lunch of fish, chicken, rice, beans, and fresh fruit and great coffee. You could also take a swim in the pond which had its own waterfall. It was a full day but a fun day, well worth the time Best part of our vacation.

Best way to visit Punta Cana

by Helena 2014-11-16
Me and my family (all adults) took advantage of 3 days of excursions with Caribbean Dream and it was amazing! We had activities booked for each day and when one activity had to be cancelled due to inclement weather they were able to book us on a different excursion at short notice. Each excursion offered something different. Day 1 - dune buggies / Day 2 - All day Boat Tour / Day 3 - Zip-lining and Natural Cave. Everything was well organized and on time. By the time we can home we needed a vacation from our vacation. Thank you Caribbean Dream for making my trip with my mom and aunt and uncle a most memorable adventure!

What a Wonderful Time

by Karissa 2014-11-15
We were in Punta Cana getting married, all of our friends and family were with us, and all we wanted was a sunset cruise for everyone the day before the wedding. However, we were having a really hard time finding anything affordable. Well my maid of honor went out on a search and found these guys. Not only did they agree to take us out on a private boat ride, just our group, but they were priced so much better than anyone else, everyone in our group came along. We had such a great time. It was the highlight of our entire trip! The employees, about 4-5 guys, were so much fun. We danced, we drank, we had snacks, we snorkeled, we docked on a beach and drank rum out of coconuts, we watched the sunset, and we danced some more. I would recommend these guys to anyone, and if we get to go back, we'll go back on their boat! Thank you so much for such a great time!

Coolest Tour on our Trip

by Trevor 2014-11-14
Snuba Diving was by far the coolest and we also got to drive our own speed boats. one of the must do's when down in Punta Cana!! Staff was also extremely friendly.

Great Service Excellent Tour

by Josh Marlin 2014-11-11
It was great! They had someone waiting there with a sign with our name on it. They loaded up our luggage and we were on our way to our resort! We did not have to drop anyone else off, it was just us. It was very convenient and quick and reasonably priced. The employees are also very friendly.

The Scenery was Amazing

by Omega 2014-11-09
First time ever zip lining and we had a blast. The trip to was an experience, we were blocked by the cows, dogs and others(great experience)....words cannot explain how much fun we had. I would definitely recommend it!

Must Do In Punta Cana

by Wellington 2014-11-07
This was very fun and very safe. Definitely on the zipline in the morning. If possible be at the front of the line, it is more fun and much less waiting time.

If You Do Only One Activity, Do THIS ONE!

by Mark 2014-11-06
If this was just zip wire then it could be classed as expensive. It's not. Yes the zip wires are safe and fun. The trip in the lorry up to the hills was both fun and educational. Pinky had us laughing from the moment we got on the lorry. You will see and learn so much more about the island and the people. We also booked online direct which saved us money and paid by PayPal. (we don't do many excursion due to the fact I normally get travel sick - I was fine)

Best Massage

by Ali 2014-11-05
A brilliant half day out. I have not felt so relaxed and at ease. The back massage was amazing, little worring at first when bikini was wedged up my bum. That was soon forgotten about. I would definatly recommend this trip.


by Vinsha 2014-11-04
Can't believe that we almost chickened out of this . This is a must try adventure, ziplining through the green lush mountains was truly out of the world. Very safe, enjoy the ride

Just Loved It!!!

by Sunil 2014-11-03
Just got back from Punta Cana and had a blast. First time doing the Zip line and wow it was great!!! The staff are awesome and made you feel safe. They checked, double checked, and triple checked the equipment so that was great. Our guide was wonderful and entertained us well. I'd recommend this experience without reservations, other than the ride up the mountain was more than just a little bumby, but it's part of the experince

One of the Best Excursion I Have Been On in The WORLD!

by Lilia 2014-11-01
I'm a spa lover.! every where I go I try to go a spa. For me this has been the most amazing, complete and best spa experience so far ever!! The girls has great techniques. The staff is great, very attentive and are always willing to help and provide any kind of information. The Doctor fish experience (my first time with this fishes) was incredible!! I totally recomend it! The price is so WORTH IT!!

Awesome Zipline

by Whitney 2014-10-29
The staff there were really nice and made a valiant effort to give us the best experience possible. Once we got there, though, it was fabulous and we had a blast zip lining. I do believe these are probably better views zip lining than you can find anywhere else in Punta Cana!

Simply AMAZING!!!

by Kimberly 2014-10-29
A must do excursion! It was VERY relaxing. We were pampered the entire time. The massages were out of this world, I fell asleep, so that says it all. Total bliss! :)

Great Day Outside the Resort

by Bricke 2014-10-28
We enjoyed our ziplining tour; it was nice to see the countryside and little villages, the school children and the mountains. The journey there is an experience in itself! We went up small, bumpy country roads, it was interesting when we passed other cars and trucks! We had a very entertaining guide on the bus, Jose, who was a great laugh.

Fun and Exciting

by Irene 2014-10-26
We had a great time doing the zip lining. At first we were very scared but our fear was put to ease with the staff's helpfulness. They were great and very safe. We really enjoyed our time and this became the best trip we did at Punta Cana! :) We highly recommend it!

The BEST Part of Punta Cana!!!!

by Atlanta 2014-10-24
My boyfriend and I went on the Discovery Cruise october 18, 2014. Everything about this cruise was perfect. It lasts all day but it isn't exhausting in any way. Beautiful views and so much fun snorkeling. The open bar is wonderful and the lunch at Cappuccino was delicious! Juanillo beach is very clean, quiet and relaxing. The crew was SO much fun! Ramon, Francois and everyone aboard were friendly and willing to teach a little meringue. I definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Punta Cana!

Very Professional Service

by Jared Olmstead 2014-10-22
I arrived with my wife in Punta Cana this year for our vacation. I was promptly greeted by our driver who was very friendly, professional and courteous. The ride to our hotel was nice, and the van was clean, and well maintained. During the week, we also used Caribbean Dreams to book a tour at Isla Saona. We had a great time! I'd highly recommend Caribbean Dream and their staff. I travel a lot, and rarely am I treated with such professionalism. Thanks for a great trip, Jared

Girls Afternoon Out!

by Sammy 2014-10-22
My wife and adult daughter spent the afternoon at Dr. Fish Ocean Spa and really enjoyed their day. They had booked the excursion shortly before media attention increased over the fish exfoiliation dangers that have many concerned. That was only one part of the spa day however. The surroundings were beautiful and the service was excellent. Highly recommended!


by Janet 2014-10-21
The staff was so informative and very safety oriented. I will admit the first zip line was a little scary but after that it was such a rush. There are some steep inclines to climb and it was somewhat difficult for this over 50 out of shape girl. The ride to the site was adventurous to say the least. Sweet Chocolate Banana was in the back with us and he was hilarious. Alex was our driver and did his best to dodge the "potholes" on the dirt road part of the trip. Very bumpy ride. Would I do it again, Absolutely. Once in a lifetime experience. Go with Canopy.

Extremely FUN!

by Leo 2014-10-20
You can book this excursion on their own website and pay with your credit card. The experience is amazing, you can learn to surf in a couple of hours. Extra bonus is the coconut you get during the interval, give you an energy boost for the final hour of fun! They have various type of surf board, be sure to find the size that fit you better and find newer board with better anti-slip paddings.

Excellent TIME!!

by Ellen 2014-10-19
My 3 kids age 19+ did this camp and had an excellent time - they want to get surf boards now! They pick you up bring you to the camp and before you know it you are surfing. Plenty of one on one attention...don't hesitate, this is a good deal and a really good time! The beach is absolutely beautiful!

Great Service !!!

by Wendy Wong 2014-10-18
I have to say that at first I was a bit worried about booking with them because they told me that if I paid in cash that there would be a discount. Of course my group (8 people) and I wanted to save $$$, so went ahead made a reservation with them. Gary, the excursion coordinator, and I discussed where we would meet to do the exchange, $$$ for voucher. We met 2hrs b4 the excursion pick, this worried me because for all i knew he could have just given me a useless piece of paper and ran off with my $$$. That did not happen and my group and I had no problems with the excursion companies that were booked by Caribbean Dream T.O.

Great Place to Try Segway

by Florida Mike 2014-10-16
This was my first ride on Segway and really enjoyed it. Great people and scenic location. When we signed up the rep let us try a Segway at our resort. We were picked up and driven to an exclusive area were normally people from other resorts join to form a group of about 6, but the two of us got a tour by ourselves. Our guide was leading on a Segway and a golf cart followed from behind. They carried purse and backpack for us and provided cold water. We stopped twice to swim. Once on a fabulous (private) beach and once in a fresh water grotto. We enjoyed the whole experience and everyone working there.


by BossLady 2014-10-15
We went on the tour on the 9th May. You get an induction, and are briefed on how to use the equipment. The speed boats, were great fun, I let my husband do all the driving, my husband did the SNUBA, and I just did the snorkeling. We had a fantastic time. The people who look after you, are very good and make sure that you are safe at all times, they don't try and push you in to any thing you don't want to do. they will even take your camera, and take picture of you. It is worth going on.

Great Fun, and Very Well Run

by Slippery 2014-10-13
A great morning out, from start to finish. The staff are friendly and helpful, they have modern, good quality climbing equipment which has a lot of redundancy for your safety. The zips themselves are great - a fantastic view and some are really long, some are really fast. You will love it. Pick these guys over the other Punta Cana based operator - they take your safety far more seriously.

Just As Promised

by Eric R 2014-10-12
I don't like traveling internationally, and was worried about getting a cab to our resort after I learned the all inclusive resort didn't include transportation. Luckily I found a link to Caribbean Dream on trip advisor and clicked on it. Everything was as planned and reduced my stress level tremendously. It is both a value and a easy, worthwhile service. I will use them again when I go back to Punta Cana.

Wonderful Adventure

by Dmitry 2014-10-11
It was wonderful adventure, especially for my 8 years old son. Segway vehicles are very easy to handle and a big fun to drive.Staff is very helpful and friendly. Kid have a lot of fun swimming in laguna with fishes and turtles, feeding and petting different animals.

Best Transfer Company Ever......Period!

by AdultsOnly_AL 2014-10-09
Just returned from 2 week private stay in PUJ & had the honor of meeting and working with Mr. Garry Muzeau and Caribbean Dream TO. This was the best transfer we have ever had, and we've had a few. As quickly as we could get to our bags, we were on our way. With our stay being private and not at a resort, the driver had no problem with a pre-arranged stop at the grocery, where another member of the team met with us and actually helped us with our shopping! We were the only people on the transfer, so, there was no stopping at multiple resorts, with 5 different couples in the van, just us, and in my opinion there is nothing worse than watching other people starting their vacation while you're still sitting in a van. Everyone in the company was respectful, courteous, and most important on time. You would be crazy to travel to PUJ and not use Garry and his company. Garry, my friend, you are the best!

Professional Shuttle Service

by Dave 2014-10-08
Just sending you a note to express to you our experience with your transportation services recommended and set up for us through Mr. Dave Dykeman. Your staff on arrival and departure were 100% Professional and most of all friendly. Thanks.....

Honest Canadian Review

by Cudaman 2014-10-07
We were a party of 7 traveling . I contacted and booked via iPhone and it was a breeze. Very professional! We arrived and found our driver waiting with the biggest sign visible. Transport was quick and easy. Paid up front $140 to Bavaro Princess, including return for 7 people. Reasonable I felt. We had a 2 pm pickup for return and driver arrived at 2:02 pm. Excellent! Honda van for return trip. No problems! Highly recommend. Have used other transports before and this was by far the most reliable time wise.

Great, Dependable, Affordable Service

by Laura B 2014-10-06
Caribbean Dreams took care of our transfers from the airport in Punta Cana. They were waiting for us on time at the airport and hotel. We thought it was a fair price, and our driver was very nice and drove very safely! I emailed the company several times and they always got back to me right away. That was my first sign they would be great to work with! I will ABSOLUTELY use their service again, and would highly recommend them!

Excellent Tour!

by Isa 2014-10-05
If you like to Snorkel and you are up to an adventure by swimming with the Sharks and the Sting Rays it's awesome. I also enjoyed the 15 minute massage that they gave. It was great having a full body massage while on the middle of the Ocean. I wished the tour was longer because there is a lot to do such as the canoeing, paddling, snorkeling and sun bathing. Please note: that when you get picked from your hotel you may not be directly taken to the location where the tour starts they might have to pick up other people from different hotels. This is a good tour to do with family or a couple.

The Jeep Safari was by far the best excursion we have EVER done!!!

by Jody Tarzwell 2014-10-04
The Jeep Safari was by far the best excursion we have EVER done!!! it was incredible, the tour operators were amazing and the locations we got to see were cultural and set the tour apart from the typical tourist scene. I not only would recommend both the jeep safari and Caribbean Dream to friends but I will also be sure to book again myself!! Again. .. Jeep Safari excursion was one of a kind and amazing thank you!! cheers, Jodi Tarzwell & Matt McDonald Alberta, Canada

You Guys Were Amazing!!

by Tracy Hua 2014-10-02
You guys were amazing! You accommodated to us perfectly and we can't thank you enough. I've already recommended your company to many of my friends and family who plans to visit Punta Cana. Your staff were amazing! Thank you again for such a memorable event =)

We had an absolute blast at the Macao Buggies excursion!

by Jennifer Fraizer 2014-10-01
We had an absolute blast at the Macao Buggies excursion. We would definitely recommend to a friend. We actually told a lot of the people we met at our resort to do that excursion! There's a couple things that I think would improve the excursion: - Provide some sort of food. We got picked up at 7 in the morning and didn't get back until afternoon. We would have even paid for food! - When it's not muddy or raining, make the trails not so dry. We went on a sunny, dry, day, and were looking forward to getting muddy!!!! Other than that, we had such a great time. The staff were wonderful :) -Jenn

Worth the Visit!

by Christina 2014-09-29
The beach, the waves, the sand, the view, they all make it worth going there and seeing this place. We went during the Boogie tour and after all the mud we had been through, we couldn't wait for a bath there.

Dr Fish Ocean Spa

by Kassie 2014-09-28
My husband and I had an Amazing experience. Back massage, massage bed, bio Pilates, foot detox, laying on a raft, small crustaceans eating my dead skin off my feet and a light lunch was provided. We had a wonderful relaxing time.

Mini Cooper... Lucky Us!

by Glenda 2014-09-27
Here is a brief account of our day! You are picked up in a shuttle and taken to the mini cooper lot which is really nice. You check in and MUST have a driver's license. You are given a quick overview of how to operate your cooper. Inside there was bottled water's & soda if you prefer & a walkie-talkie used to communicate with the tour guide. I think it's also important to know that this is a very safe excursion not created for race car drivers but sometimes you go pretty fast & you will drive most of the time. Also, there is not a lot of traffic on the roads for most of your trip because most people in that part of DR do not drive cars so there is nothing to be afraid of and you sometimes have the roads all to yourself! We drove though & visited a resort where some celebrities have stayed, spent an hour at Altos De Chavon aka The City of Artists. The Chavon part of the excursion has many cultural things to offer and great, mountainous views of the DR countryside. We had lunch in a small town then drove around the rest of the village after. The lunch was fantastic as everyone sits family style in this small quaint restaurant and gets their choice of items from a small buffet. There is a photographer who takes pictures along the entire route. You can purchase your experience for $75 on disk or take your own pictures. We ended our day at a shopping village with various stores and restaurants. It must be mentioned that the person who I spoke to on the phone to rearrange for this excursion was fantastic. We communicated about 6 times and he worked hard to correct our misfortune the day before. Also, the lead tour guide:! This woman is great at her job, naturally friendly, makes sure you are safe and appears to like her job. Also, their are 3 other staff members who watch out for you on this excursion, no matter where you go, if you look closely, you will see them watching you and assuring you are safe. They never ask for tips but surely deserve them. We were very pleased with this all day excursion and will book through this company again. Thank you so much, we had a fantastic time.

Segway EcoTour in Punta Cana

by Nigel 2014-09-26
A good tour of Playa Blanca Resort and golf club. The whole family had a great time and the Segways are very easy to ride, helmets are provided. You have a guide to lead the group and make sure everyone is happy and confortable. We enjoyed the ride along the beautiful beach and a pleasent stop for a few minutes then we were off to have a dip in the Lagoon pool, cold and so refreshing. On returning you are given a cool drink and the chance to buy souviner photographs or a bottle of Rum with your photograph on it. We are going back this year and will be enjoying the tour again all being well.

Fun, Safe - A Great Opportunity to try out Ziplining

by Mac 2014-09-24
We were large family group ranging from 10 to 50 and everyone enjoyed the ziplining trip. Although several were nervous, the guides did a nice job of preparation and pretty much ignored those nervous comments. It was consensus that the scariest part was the bus ride there and back after they left the main road. We booked on line ahead of time, using PayPal and had no problems. Bus arrived right on time as planned. Would recommend - they have a nice website that addresses concerns and it was so much fun.

Caribbean Dream: FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!

by Veronika D 2014-09-21
I send an email asking few question about a tour, my surprise was to have an answer from them super fast. I booked the tour, the picked me up in the time they told. Not even 5 or 10 minutes like I'm used to (in DR they have a saying "Hora Dominicana" which is 1/2 or 1hr after the time is set up) . The tour to Saona was OUTSTANDING! The guide was explaining all the way about the city and the culture. Isla Saona is a paradise, great food and good animation team. Im already making plans to book more tours. Gracias Caribbean Dream, I had a BLAST!

VIP service

by Cesar Fuentes 2014-09-20
We loved your service A 100% vip service Will use you guys in the future thank you once again. Cesar

What a Ride

by Kafrederick 2014-09-19
It was everything i thought it would be. Myself and child did the Ziplines, I did all 12 he only did 8 because he didn't weigh enough. It was a wonderful ride above the trees. I would definitly do it again.

I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends if they visit Punta Cana!

by Rennan 2014-09-17
We had a great time there. The tour exceeded my expectations as we got to see a bird show and a sea lion show. The dolphin swim was excellent. I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends if they visit Punta Cana.

I would refer anyone to definitely do this and the price was worth it!!

by Jalece Spencer 2014-09-15
The excursion was awesome! We absolutely loved it, made our trip even better. The whole thing was great and well planned from beginning to the end. I will say for Americans from the US they did their best to accommodate us. Manny on the boat was awesome! I would refer anyone to definitely do this and the price was worth it.

We had a fantastic time on all of our excursions.!!

by Amanda Boudreau 2014-09-14
We had a fantastic time on all of our excursions. The guides were wonderful and the places we went were beautiful. I only regret not putting bug spray on for our cave excursion. The mosquitos were fierce. I would recommend all of these to friends but advise them to pack lots of sunscreen and bug spray.

Your company was very helpful and friendly!

by Lisa Millian 2014-09-13
It was our favorite excursion! Your company was very helpful and friendly. Thank you very much for making our honeymoon fun and special!

We had a great time! We have already passed on the info to some friends who may come next year!

by Dina McDugal 2014-09-12
We had a great time! We have already passed on the info to some friends who may come next year. We had plenty of time to snorkel & then to swim later & nice snacks. Everyone who served us on the boat was friendly & nice to us. Will definitely book again next time! Thanks for everything!

I would highly recommend to all of my friends!

by Peter 2014-09-11
Everything went very smoothly! I would highly recommend this trip to all my friends and have already been telling them that they need to go to DR. Word of mouth is powerful marketing and with the high level of service I was rendered I will spread it to all. Thank you again! P.S. Our tour guide was awesome. Wonderful man and very knowledge give him our thanks again!!

Honeymoon Adventure

by Rubin 2014-09-05
Catalina Island was one of the most fun things we did. All you can Drink and Eat for the entire trip and dancing and a great entertainment staff. Plus the river was so pretty. We visited the church where Michael Jackson got married at.

Wonderful Experience

by DustyDog 2014-09-05
We had a great time on this tour and would highly recommend it. They made 4 stops to spend some time on the beach, in the ecological area including a fresh water pond, a turtle pond and an iguana habitat. The segways were great fun!

Highly Highly recommand this agency.

by Jess 2014-09-03
I use their service for transportation from and to airport and also transfer between 2 resorts. They are always there on time and use nice and clean van. I even booked 2 tours from them. Same quality of service. Great!!! 1 of my tours got postponed and they kept trying to contact me for another possible date. The thing was that I used different name at resort, but they tracked me down and tried to make it up to me. What a great and responsible company. I asked to have 1 hr to shop at little plaza after we had been done with para sailing, the driver simply said OK. We were like having a little half day tour, instead of just para sailing. I have to recommend the tour they're offering: Laguna Limon. Best tour ever. You get to ride on air conditioning bus, exciting truck ride up to the mountain for amazing views, fun beach horseback riding for about 25 min and lagoon boat. Man! so much fun and you can't find this tour anywhere else. Just don't forget to bring mosquito repellent and ointment. you will need them. All for all, highly highly recommend this agency.

Great Service - Highly Recommend

by Lynden 2014-09-02
Our driver was waiting for us when we arrived and took us to our air conditioned private transport. The journey was comfortable and great value. Our return flight was the first day of the rain and winds with Hurricane Irene close by. Most flights were cancelled that day. I emailed Garry from Caribbean Dream saying that our flight was still scheduled and he replied very quickly saying that they would pick us up from the hotel lobby at the designated time. I knew our flight was still scheduled but I didn't know the time. I rang the airport a couple of times and about an hour before our transport was supposed to collect us I found out that our flight was delayed by about 3-4 hours. I rang Garry and we organised a pick up time that coincided with my new flight time. My stress level then went down by a huge amount as 5-6 hours at Punta Cana airport wouldn't have been the greatest. Instead we spent that time having some drinks in our hotel lobby.....a lot nicer experience. Caribbean Dream were efficient, very helpful friendly and great value for money. I recommend them 100%.

Great Way to Start Your Punta Cana Vacation

by Samuel 2014-08-29
Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and fun staff always make or break an excursion and you'll be well satisfied by the guides at segway eco tours. The segway was easy to get the hang of and very fun. The tour paths were maintained well and had plenty to see. My only complaint was lack of access to the lagoon for a wheelchair bound member of my group. I would not have mentioned this except we we're told this would be a good tour for her and then she was made to stay behind on this segment of the tour.

A Memorable Experience

by Yan 2014-08-27
This was my first experience riding on Segways and was quite anxious about it first. But our guide helped me get comfortable with it. We wore the helmets given and rode along the lovely beach. I was glad I took the ride. We also had a refreshing swimming session in the cold Lagoon pool. It was a great experience. I even bought a bottle of rum with my snap on it as a souvenir, which brings back the memories of that special day. I would love to go riding on Segways once more with my family members. I recommend it to others too.

Discover Cap Cana - AWESOME!

by Daearz 2014-08-26
The cruise offers a variety of activites and is really worth the money. The boat was clean, well maintained, and offered great snacks. The snorkeling was beautiful and very enjoyable. After the snorkeling, you are taken to waist deep water and served drinks and there is an ocean party. The music and the atmosphere was really fun. While cruising to our lunch at Cappucino, the crew plays music and allows you to see the beautiful sights of Cap Cana. The lunch at Cappucino was hands down the best meal I've ever had: multiple lobsters, fish, etc. After the amazing lunch you are taken to the beach at Cap Cana. The water is crystal blue with the softest sand that I've ever stood on. The entire experience was great. The staff was friendly and very fun! Francisco, our director, was one of the nicest people I met in the Dominican and made our experience all the better!

Well Worth the Money Paid!

by Pookie 2014-08-24
I loved Reef Explorer and I am not a very good swimmer. My teen aged son was with me and he also had a wonderful time. We both got to hold a stingray and swim with them, then we also got to swim with the nurse sharks. I fed the schools of fish that would come to the area with some white bread and we got some great photos. My son did the swim out to the reef and said it was so cool. He said it was so much better then the one near the beach in Punta Cana. He also did the paddle boards. He was thrilled when he found out there was also a massage and opted for the stone massage. I never saw a bigger smile on his face then after this excursion. We took tons of pictures and loved the smoothies, the snacks, and the smiles we received from all of the crew. We would recommend this to everyone. Anyone who complains about not seeing or doing everything, just didn't follow directions. I would love to get the name of the woman there, she was so nice and helpful. She spoke very good English and seemed to keep everything going smoothly. Thanks for a wonderful day. The memories will be with me for a lifetime.

What A Fantastic DAY!

by Daisy 2014-08-24
I can't thank Francois and the team for such a wonderful day. Beautiful, clean catamaran, wonderful, helpful, friendly fun staff, who waited on us hand and foot, never was my glass empty!!! Loved the sand bank where we were served drinks in the clear blue ocean. Lunch was fabulous, super lobster ! And the glorious white sands of the beach, the hammocks, the clear waters....what can I say...just perfect. I highly recommend this trip. Thank you so much to you all. I will never forget this trip xxx

As Good As It Gets

by Mark Hamrick 2014-08-20
Totally as good as it gets when it comes to service! Was in Punta Cana on a convention for work last weekend and we used this service from the airport to our hotel. The bus was spacious, clean, and and the driver was very informative. We were treated like kings and queens! I can\'t say enough good things about Caribbean Dream Tour Operators. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone traveling to the Punta Cana area with a group. Thanks Caribbean Dream!!!

My family had a terrific time on all of the excursions that we booked using Caribbean Dream!!

by Kim Pickett 2014-08-18
OMG!! My family had a terrific time on all of the excursions that we booked using Caribbean Dream. First, I must say that your website was easy to navigate and offered useful information about different cities in the DR and things to do. I frequently used the site as a one-stop shop to find travel and local information. Second, booking our excursions was just as easy and we appreciated the detailed activity descriptions, photos, and lists of things to bring. Finally, excursion day was stress free as we were picked up at our scheduled pick up time, greeted with pleasant and friendly drivers, and entertained with an energetic team of tour operators.

Fantastic Service

by Jody C 2014-08-17
We booked an adventure buggy tour for 22 people through Caribbean Dream. Thomas was great to deal with, spoke english and was very efficient in answering any email questions I sent (and there were many!). I would rate his service as excellent and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking to book a tour in the Dominican Republic.

Great Treatments! Great Value!!

by Lace 2014-08-15
This excursion is a great alternative to many of the spa treatments offerred at most of the resorts, which can be quite costly. You are treated to some introductory yoga and stretching, followed by a therapeutic foot detox and floating out under the sun in an open pool in the ocean. The massages are a great treat: 20 minutes on a full body massage bed, followed by another 20 minutes in the hands of a skilled massuese (thank you, Susan!!) The piece de resistance is the "Dr. Fish" which come and nibble all the dead skin off your feet and ankles. Ticklish, stimulating, one of a kind experience! Topped off with lots of fresh fruit and wine - all for about $150. A great afternoon.

Lots of Fun for ALL

by Platinouno 2014-08-13
We decided to go on this tour for a few reasons. Segways are fun. We wanted to see Indigenous Eyes park. We wanted to go to the Caribbean sea. I found there were a ton of things I would have liked to know more about. We were lucky though that one of our guides took the time to walk and talk with us so most of my questions were answered. We went to a fresh water pool where you could go for a swim, the fellow that sold us our package told us it had "licking fish". There were lots of fish, but not one of them "licked" There were also turtles. It was wonderful. The tour is worth the money, and all three of us enjoyed it a lot!!

Best Tours with Caribbean Dream

by Domonique 2014-08-12
We went on 2 tours while we were in Punta Cana. We went on the zip line tour and they also helped pick out the horseback riding. Our tour guide with zip line canopy tour was so much fun, and made the trip well worth the money. The horseback riding on the beach was beautiful, and was definitely fun also! If we ever go back, we would definitely do more tours with Caribbean Dream again! Their staff is kind, courteous, and well informed.

Great Day in the Water

by Cherrie 2014-08-10
This was my first time to snuba. The staff are very good to ask if you are ok and encourage you to keep going. You get to feed the fish out of your hand! That was cool. Had a great time on the water

Great Time in DR

by LuvDR 2014-08-09
This is a wonderfully relaxing 4 hours. Swimming with the rays and nurse sharks is a good experience. The rest of the offerings are relaxing and fun. The folks that work there are friendly and helpful and want you to have a good time.

Great Way to Spend the Morning

by Dizzy Vino 2014-08-07
We booked this tour online and enjoyed it immensely. Our guide Daniel was friendly and helpful. The tour is a great way to check out a segway and to see some great scenary at the same time. If the weather is hot be sure to wear your bathing suit and bring a towel so you can swim at the beach and the fresh water springs.

I Definitely Recommend Caribbean Dream

by Sam Watson 2014-08-06
We must complement Caribbean Dream for a very efficient service pre booked on the internet. Very professional,clean vans. They arrange a time for your return pickup as well as your hotel drop you off. Makes it worry free.

If you want good service and price, I'd suggest Caribbean Dream T.O.

by Chantel & Family 2014-08-05
I was skeptical at first since we received a lot of quotes. The quotes were so much more than Caribbean Dream T.O. Also, a competing company called us up and talked badly about Caribbean Dream stating "the price was too good to be true and you better hope they show up." I did some searching on the internet and decided what do we have to lose. If they didn't show up, their price was the same as a regular taxi to our hotel. I also wrote Garry to let him know of the comments. I got an email back from Garry and the owner Thomas (I believe that's his name) telling me to rest assured that they will be there and that my trip was confirmed. We didn't have to pay anything upfront, nor did we have to pay for the roundtrip if we didn't want to. Good news, THEY DID SHOW UP! :) We were greeted with a sign without our name on it. I have to say I felt kind of special. The driver greeted us warmly, took my bags and led us to his van. It was clean and cool in the van with nice music playing. The driver made conversation with us and answered our questions. Garry, our main contact at Caribbean Dream T.O., gave us a call during the drive to make sure our flight was ok and to welcome us to his beautiful country. That was very nice. It was easy to contact Garry via email or telephone. Our last day we were set to be picked up at 1pm from our hotel, but our flight was delayed. NO PROBLEM, Garry says. Our driver arrived on time and we weren't ready at all. He waited without seeming to be irritated or anything. He kept a smile on his face. Just as we arrived, we departed with a good bye call from Garry. Thanks a million CDT!!!

Stood Up!!!

by Lauren 2014-08-04
Loved surfing with Macao Surf Camp! It's basically a one on one instruction, even though there were 10 of us that day. Each surfer has there own instructor, but everyone is giving you tips on how to improve. There was someone taking photos that we could purchase on cd at th end. No one woud have believed i got up on a surf board without the picture proof! I would definitely recommend surfing with Macao Surf Camp.


by Holly 2014-08-01
My friend and I did this as day away from our husbands. It was very relaxing. They always made sure you relaxed and comfortable. The fish sucking on your feet tickle but it was fun.

Could Not Image Anything Better!

by Amanda 2014-08-01
Upon arrival we were greeted with delicious orange juice and then were taken to an opening to meet our fellow group. After taking a very short boat ride to the floating dock we were immediately greeted by an elated staff to help us off the boat and show us around the dock. You're given the choice to do the activities at your own leisure, we chose to snorkel first, where our guide, Jefferey led us around the dock pointing out fascinating fish and beautiful reefs and shells in the clear turquoise water. We then swam with the sharks and sting rays, and assured by our tour guide that it was perfectly safe who calmed my girlfriend down. We then chose stand up paddle board, shell massage that was incredibly relaxing and individual swim with the sting rays. I did not try the food, but my incredibly picky and allergy stricken girlfriend loved the sandwiches, sweet pineapple, chips and salsa. The pina colada's we sipped while laying on the dock tanning were just as delicious as they were at our resort and we were departed by a toast of their native drink, mama juana. They were just as helpful and friendly getting back on the boat as they were upon our arrival. My girlfriend and I will be making an annual, if not more frequent, trip to the island and this will be at the top of our to do list each trip!

Wonderful Time on Catalina Island Tour

by Craig 2014-07-30
Hi Garry I just wanted to send you a Thank-you note. I had a wonderful time on the Catalina Island tour. Ben was wonderful. He was very informative and attentive to all our needs. The excursion was all that I expected and more. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone visiting the Dominican Republic. Thanks Again, Inga Craig

Scared of Heights, but would do it again!

by Jenny 2014-07-30
I am scared of heights, my husband talked me into going on the zip line, and I have since thanked him for doing so! Everyone there was extremely safety oriented which helped to ease some of my fear. The scenery is beautiful, hint, take a small pocket sized camera with you as you can take pictures in between platforms!! I would love to go back and do it all over again!!

Zip Lining excursion

by Bob K 2014-07-29
We had a very good trip with the Canopy Adventure group and the zip lining experience was both safe and exhilirating. Awesome technicians who took great care and pride in their job. I do suggest you remove camera from items to bring, as we were not allowed to take our own photos while there. You had to purchase their own photography. A little disappointing as we were told by our tour guide that we could take our own photos. Otherwise, it was a fantastic experience.

Santo Domingo Day Trip Review

by Liz M 2014-07-28
Last month we booked a day trip to Santo Domingo from Punta Cana through Caribbean Dream. Overall we were delighted with the way the day went. It was a long day but we knew to expect that. We were picked up from our hotel very early in the morning. We were the last pick up stop (Punta Cana Hard Rock Hotel) which also meant we were the first to be dropped off in the evening. Both ways we stopped at a small food and souvenir market which was very helpful as they also had clean toilets. You were under no pressure whatsoever to make any purchases although most people did pick up a drink and snack. We made a few different stops to visit the historical attractions as listed on the itinerary all of which were very interesting. The last stop was in the centre of Santo Domingo. One of the requirements of our trip was that we could visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo and the cathedral is opposite it. After our little group had been to the cathedral there was a free 45 minutes to wander and do souvenir shopping so we used this time to make our cafe visit. Our guide was fantastic. He spoke 4 different languages so everyone in the group could understand - English, Spanish, Italian and French. The small coach was air-conditioned and as a comfortable as it could be on the Dominican Republic roads! Overall from initial enquiry to the day of our trip the communication from Caribbean Dream was great and we would have no hesitation in recommending them. Visiting from London, UK

Very Timely Company

by Bellavie 2014-07-26
We used Caribbean Dream Transfer for our round trip from the airport to our hotel . When making arrangements, Garry was always quick to respond. When we arrived the driver was there with a sign with our name on it. While at the hotel I emailed Garry letting him know what time we would like to be picked up for our return and he responded with a confirmation immediately. They day we were leaving the driver was waiting for us and even arrived early. Overall, loved the efficiency of this company and would definitely use them again.

Segway EcoTour

by Rick 2014-07-26
We (group of 4 adults) took the Punta Cana - Segway Ecotour and we all had a fantastic time. The segway was an easy machine to master and within minutes we all felt confortable riding on it. The scenery was excellent and the staff were great! The nature reserve was a hike thru the woods and a beautiful fresh water lagoo (Yauya Lagoo) that had turtles and fish in it. We had a blast swimming in the lagoon, the water was crystal clear (25 feet deep). Overall the segway is a safe and fun mode of transportation and the swim in the Carribean Sea was nice (less wave action than at Bravaro Beach).

A Fun Adventure!

by Windsor 2014-07-25
This is a great excursion for people that like to try new things. You are dropped off at a two person speed boat moored in the middle of the bay that you get to drive at high speed up and down the beach area. Before or after this you are hooked up to a snuba device and get to explore the reef area. Reminds me of an old school diving apparatus with the tanks up top and you are connected by a hose to the air. After these we had free time to snorkel or enjoy a beverage on the pontoon boat. Felix is a great tour guide and my wife and I had a great time.

Our Samana trip was the highlight of our vacation!!

by Jim and Ann Reid 2014-07-25
Our Samana trip was the highlight of our vacation. I would definitely recommend this excursion to family and friends. Thank you!!

Yes! everything was perfect!!

by Rosaileen Diaz 2014-07-23
Yes!, everything was perfect and better than expected! The Jeep Safari was the best part of my trip. I would definitely recommend this trip to friends.

I would highly recommend Caribbean Dream and would use them again!!

by Nicole Duffy 2014-07-23
I would highly recommend Caribbean Dream and would use them again. My 2 excursions were great. The pick ups were always on time and everyone was friendly. My only recommendation is regarding the surfing excursion. There are pictures and videos available for purchase. Typically, a DVD of pictures costs $25 US dollars for my past excursions. Macao Surf charged $90 for pictures and a video for 2 people and they only accept cash or PayPal. PayPal did not work for me since I was out of the country. While your site recommends cash, I would add that you should bring a lot of cash if you want pictures or a video.

Skeptical at First. Wonderful Experience

by Lauren 2014-07-21
Yes! We were skeptical at first because we had been doing everything through the hotel but after our excursion we were sorry we hadn't used you guys for everything! The Buggies trip was VERY reasonably priced. The transportation was to and from the hotel was clean and prompt. The excursion itself was AMAZING! By far the best thing we did on our vacation! We got some beautiful pictures of the countryside as well as the natural waterfall. And the buggies were just so fun to ride in and drive! We would DEFINITELY recommend using Caribbean Dream and we will be using you guys for our next vacation! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Awesome Tour - Best Day of our Trip!!!

by Chris 2014-07-19
Awesome time, quick ride from the resort, short boat ride out to the ocean. Hopped into our twp person boats (30 HP) and rode the waves. After about 30 minutes on the boat, we returned to begin Snuba, took us down about 20 feet to the Ocean floor, which we didn't want to return from. The trip was awesome and very well organized! Best excursion of our trip!

First Time Traveler to Punta Cana

by Kimberely 2014-07-18
Dr. Fish Ocean Spa is a wonderful way to relax. The staff is wonderful; however, the star of the tour is Pedro. He speaks several languages fluently. Pedro truly cares about the experience of each passenger and does whatever is necessary to make the excursion special. Dr. Fish is a MUST DO for relaxation!

Great Fun

by TravelBuddy 2014-07-16
I did the Bavaro Splash last week with a small group of friends. It is a lot of fun. Driving the speed boats is great fun, though I wish it could be longer. You get about 20 minutes of driving time max. The SNUBA and snorkeling experience is great. The people who look after you are very professional and diligant and really seem to care if you have a good time. At the end of the trip they open a complimentary bar on the boat before returning to shore.

Excellent Customer Service

by Dorothy 2014-07-15
I have booked the Dolphin Swim excursion for my wife and I from the Be Live Grand Punta Cana. I booked this through your website. Thank you once again for your excellent customer service and taking the time to reply to my phone call with you from last week. I look forward to your services once again the next time we arrive in Punta Cana.

Such a Great Day!

by Howard 2014-07-14
Just returned from Punta Cana. Second trip. We seldom do exursions due to staying out of the tourist scene and money. But, we really enjoyed this. Would highly recommend it. The staff, especially Matias, were very accomadating to our needs. Transportation is included. We decided to stay in the area for the day and catch a ride back after the last tour. Such a difference in the beach area from the hotel zone. Thanks for a great day!

Great Party Time

by Peters 2014-07-12
We had a great time! Its a long day on the bus. But well worth it. Nice tour ended at Saona Island for eats and a big party! We would go back!

Quitting My Day Job to Take Up Surfing!

by P&ZH 2014-07-11
Daniel picked us up at our hotel and gave us a quick overview of Dominican politics. Our family of 4 had a great introduction into surfing. My eldest no longer wants to go to University but wants to be a professional surfer. Thanks guys. Say hi to Jack the surfin' dog when you go.

Best Tour Ever

by Betty Garcia 2014-07-10
I book through Caribbean Dream Tours for a all day excursion to Catalina Island. My pickup at my hotel was on time and prompt. The bus was clean and the driver was professional as so was the guide for the day. The food we were served was awesome, the drinks flowed freely and there were plenty of activities to do.

Best DAY EVER!!!

by Linda 2014-07-08
Loved this experience. First at Quick lesson and then out to the waves. Everyone got up on the board. They have the best staff. Just be sure to take a bit of money to tip your helper. And visit Jack, the surfing dog. He is amazing. The staff are great. Truly a must do when you go to Punta Cana. Even the drive to the camp was great. Got to see some of the landscape and get some information on the island. The beach at El Macao is amazing, like you are in a different world. Also, there are a few salespeople on the beach. Not pushy, but if you have the time and take a little extra money, it is worth a purchase. My son is now hooked on surfing so we will definitely be back!

Your Own Leisure Fun Filled Day

by VisionPics 2014-07-08
The reef explorer suited me perfectly. I don't like being at the mercy of others on tours that take you from one thing to the next .. I like to get sun but stay entertained with stuff to do.. This tour was all at my own leisure. The island had enough friendly crew to take you to do any of the activities whenever you wanted without having to stay with a group if you didn't want. Included kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding,or swimming with stingrays and nurse sharks. And when you aren't doing any of that you can lay out on the deck (plenty of lawn chairs but bring your own towel) , lay out in rafts in the water, choose from 4 different massages ( roughly 20-35min) , or visit snack bar. Snack bar is exactly as its called, a snack, not a full meal. Included lunch meat, cheese, bread, fruit, veggie sticks, chips/salsa.. Only non-alcoholic drinks

Coolest Excursion

by Kelee 2014-07-07
I did this excursion with a friend. We were seperated into groups, and she and I were the first to do the speed boats. SO MUCH FUN. It was like a real-life video game! We enjoyed it so much that upon returning to the main boat to go snorkeling, we asked if we could forego snorkeling to do the speedboats again. They accomodated us with no problems. Then...snuba was AWESOME. I've done a lot of snorkeling, and snuba was so awesome that now regular snorkeling won't compare. Felix was our "guide" and he was fantastic. He even found a starfish and let me hold it. He pointed out interesting fish, had us pose, took my camera to take pictures for us...absolutely worth the cost. HIGHLY recommend.

Excellent Service, Will Definitely Use Again

by Michael B 2014-07-05
Hands down and excellent service. Garry runs a professional company and met all of our expectation durring our vacation. Really made it comfortable getting transportation from and back to the airport while in Punta Cana. We didnt have to worry about a sketchy taxi. When we arrive the driver was there waiting. Departing the driver was prompt at our resort to pick us up.

I finally found what I was looking for!

by Brian S 2014-07-04
When vacationing in a foreign place it's always the best when you hook up with a tour group that shows you the real side of the country. I give two thumbs and two toes up for this trip. It could not have been done any better with the beautiful beaches, great barbeque and dancing. The laid back side of life is a beautiful thing. Brian S

Unforgettable Experience in Punta Cana

by Stephen Smith 2014-07-03
Just wanna drop a few lines to say thanks to Caribbean Dream TO for the excellent service we were offered on our last trip to Royal Suites Turquesa in Punta Cana recommended by Caribbean Dream TO. Our transfer was awesome,absolutely nothing to complain about the resort we stayed in. The hotel staff was very professional and all smiley. We definitely are looking forward to renewing that wonderful experience!!! ~ Karen & Stephen

Horseback Riding

by John Combs 2014-07-02
We booked horse back riding - it was GREAT! The horses were healthy, staff nice, ride on undeveloped beach, and then the two guides take each rider individually and allow you to gallop down the beach. They stay one in front and one beside/behind, - much more controlled then the usual group gallops with riders of all different levels. A BLAST!

Lots of Fun

by Yeny M 2014-07-01
I did the excursion to Saona Island and it was pretty good. I can surely say the team of Caribbean Dream is super attentive, punctual and professional. I know a lot of DMC companies in Punta Cana, but their Customer Service is incomparable. I highly recommend them. Besides the wonderful staff, the tour was excellent, very safe, the food and drinks really good. I had a great time!! yen

Top Notch Service

by Lee Lee 2014-07-01
I booked Caribbean Dream for a large group incentive trip for Feb this year. It was an easy decision to move forward with the company due to the quick and detailed responses I received from Thomas. Before arriving in dominican, Thomas provided detailed itinerary for our group making a group coordinators job (mine) a dream! When we arrived in the DR all activities went according to plan and Thomas event took photos of the group and sent them to us afterwards. Thank you Caribbean dream for making our group event such a success!

Professional and so Easy to Deal With

by Missy 2014-06-30
We were a party of 4 and booked horseback, zipline, and Catalina. We has booked parasailing and we had to cancel due to an illness. Gary was very quick to respond to all emails and really made the whole process easy. When I come back to punta Cana I will definitely use Caribbean Dream tours again.

So Much Fun!!

by Alisson 2014-06-30
My husband and I went on the Bavaro Splash excursion during our recent trip to Punta Cana, and we loved it!! We did the excursion which included the speed boats, snuba, and snorkeling. My favorite were the speed boats, but my husband loved snuba. He would have liked to do snuba for the entire time. My ears wouldn't cooperate so I didn't really get to enjoy the snuba! There were people of all ages enjoying this excursion. We would definitely go back.

Fun Excursion

by LuckyGirl 2014-06-29
We choose this tour because it was would not take all day (about 4 hours total) and we would get to ride segways and see turtles and iguanas. The segways are easy to operate and it was fun to see another part of Punta Cana. We left the hotel about 8am and were back by noon. (They have other tour times available.) We first went to Tortuga bay where we swam for about 15 minutes, then hopped back on segways and went to see turtles in fresh water (you can swim here too) and finally went to view the iguanas. It was a fun, quick get away and interesting too to view the homes and life outside of the resort area. We enjoyed it and the friendly folks who conducted the tour were knowledgeable on flora and the area. Have fun :)

Best Experience

by Annette Calder 2014-06-28
This was an excellent experience because of the communication skills and promptness in emails and exactness in instructions for airport meeting point. There was no difficulty when changes in plans were needed and the company accommodated my needs with utmost courtesy. Thank you for providing an excellent service. Annette Calder, Financial Officer Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Transfers in Punta Cana

by Babs 2014-06-27
Having recently returned from Punta Cana- thank goodness- I will tell you about the transfers in the Dominican Republic. The airport arrival is pretty smooth and they are very efficient about getting luggage out quickly. After that begins the chaos. There are local taxi drivers, bellman, luggage carriers, etc all over you in the airport after you retrieve your bags. If you can avoid all this and use a private company- do it. Caribbean Dream has clean mini vans to service all hotels in Punta Cana. Our driver was very pleasant waiting for us with a sign just outside the baggage claim area. His van was clean and he delivered us in a timely manner. The pick up was verified when he dropped us off at our hotel which I liked. The price is not a great savings over a taxi- maybe $5.00, but worth not having to deal with the language barrier and unknown of the taxi's abilities to understand you. I would recommend Caribbean Dream to anyone looking for private car to and from the airport.


by Melanie 2014-06-26
So exciting! The sharks and sting rays seemed scary but we had a great time and it was so exciting! It is beautiful getting a massage in the middle of the ocean and Kayaking was fun too! The coconut drink was delicious!

Great Customer Service!

by Don A 2014-06-25
We used Caribbean Dream as transportation to and from the airport as well as for a zip lining/hoyo azul excursion. They were extremely helpful and everything went off without any problems or concerns.

Private Tour (Fun, Fun, Fun)

by Fred T 2014-06-25
"WoW" are the words to describe this tour..... The staff, The crew,and The tour. Everything was as planned. From the transportation to the efficiency of the services. We absolutely loved it.... I had a party of 8 ppl join us for my Wife birthday. Drinks and snacks were included, she was amazed from beginning to end. The private tour was the way to go for us. This was one of the highlights of our trip to Punta Cana. I strongly recommend Caribbean Dream. My Rep (Thomas Murray- Rodriguez) was great to work with. Thanks I will book again.

A Great Company and Amazing Service

by Nikki 2014-06-24
We contacted Caribbean Dream to book a catamaran as part of a group excursion for our wedding party. Everything was not only so easy in terms of booking the trip for a group of 30, but Thomas was very accommodating for all that we wanted. Come to find out, he was even planning a surprise for my husband and I with a guest that we didnt think was going to be able to make the excursion!! Thomas even allowed us last minute to switch the date of the catamaran from the day before our wedding to the day of our wedding! I must say it was a wise decision as it added such a unique and fun element to our wedding day! The catamaran trip was amazing and all of our guests had such a great time!!! The staff was so personable and took pictures of our group which they posted on their website. Overall, with permission to speak for our group, we highly recommend Caribbean Dream to anybody visiting Punta Cana!! Thank you Caribbean Dream for adding a personal touch and such a fun-filled trip to our wedding day!! We have memories that will stay with us a life time all thanks to you!!


by Lue Family 2014-06-24
Hello We took the Caribbean Dream Catamaran Tour for 30 people attending our sons wedding in Punta Cana We had a blast ! We went on tour then snorkelling stopped off at an island for coconut drinks with a wee bit of rum lol Then boarded the catamaran for some good food drinks and music! The crew was great and had everyone up dancing !! They even served drinks and food IN THE WATER for those who wanted to keep swimming/snorkelling ! Highly recommend for a group outing well worth the money! The Lue Family Canada

Great service

by Chad 2014-06-23
The tour we choose was the zip line canopy tour. It was great. Even though it rained shortly it was very enjoyable. There is about 10 min of hiking but it well worth it for the views and fun of zip lining. They will also take pictures and you can purchase the CD with all pictures as soon as tour is over. There is fruits and water supplied at the end as well. We met one of the people from this company on the plane from Miami to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. He was very helpful and friendly. He told us all about the city, hotel, demographics and his company. He gave us a card and we emailed him while at the hotel. He helped us right away and everything promised came true. The only thing is that the hotels have the people that try to convince you to use there representatives and this makes me (as a traveler) worried to use another company. This company was not represented at our hotel. However we went with this company and rode on the same bus with everyone that used the hotel representatives and you would have never known we booked through somewhere else. The person we met on the plane even emailed us after to ask if everything went well. He did not suggest this review I felt like I owed it to this company and their dedication to make a great experience and very friendly upstanding employees.

They Really Take Care of Their Clients

by BowRiver 2014-06-22
Very professionally run and committed to customer service. I booked 4 tours with them and they took care to follow up after each tour and make sure everything went well and I was happy. During parasailing our boat broke down (even through it looked brand new) and everyone on the boat was sent back to their resort except us - they must have booked with other tour companies. Caribbean Dream rep was notified by the boat operator and he located another boat to pull up to take us parasailing. Because of the break down we ended up running late for the bus home so the rep came down and drove us back to the resort. You won't go wrong with these guys, they will do everything to ensure you have a great time!

Professional and Friendly Service

by M Johnson 2014-06-21
After a long flight, complete with delays, from Chicago, we arrive at PUJ for a much needed vacation. Going though security and immigration in the airport was a real pain. My suitcase had been gone through and a wheel on my bag was busted off. All I wanted to do was get to my hotel, and so far, this trip wasn't starting out well. After leaving the security area, we were greeted by a nice man (I forgot his name) that was ready and waiting to take us to our hotel. There were what seemed like a sea of taxi drivers all vying for our business. I was very glad I had pre-arranged to be picked up by Caribbean Dream TO. They were courteous,very nice, and helpful as they took my wife's and my luggage and helped us into the van. I was impressed. The van was clean, nice and comfortable and our driver was very helpful and informative on our drive to the hotel. Later that week, we also booked a tour to Isla Saona through Caribbean Dream TO. Again, they were fast, prompt, and very professional. The trip to Isla Saona is something not to be missed. What started off as a less than perfect trip, ended in a very enjoyable vacation. I know Caribbean Dream TO and their staff, had a lot to do with it. Thanks for everything guys, Mike


by Sophia 2014-06-20
We used this company to bring us to our Resort in Punta Cana. A gentleman was waiting for our family of four with a sign, the owner of company, Garry, called us as soon as we got into our very nice air conditioned van, to make sure everything went smoothly. The same for our return back to the PC airport. I would highly recommend this company. It made for a very smooth transition. Thank You Garry and Company!


by Diane Q 2014-06-19
This was the best excursion, this was just awesome!!! We enjoyed to trip to the mountain, Jose was very nice and funny and very informative about the Dominican Republic. We learned a lot about the island. The zip line was the best. You really got the feel of the Dominican Republic and get to see a lot of the way the people live. The employees put safety first. Zip lining over the jungle was AWESOME.

This Was a GREAT Excursion for US!

by LoveVacation 2014-06-18
We did this excursion during our stay in Punta Cana and we loved it. Getting a massage, snorkeling and swimming with the sharks, kayak and paddle surfing was so much fun!!! they give you a guided snorkeling tour our guide was COCO he was great!!!

Everything was great!

by Ryan Bernal 2014-06-17
Everything was great! and we had a fantastic time. Best excursion we took, thanks!

Professional and Proficient

by Janice 2014-06-15
I was told by a co-worker before arriving to Punta Cana it would be a good idea to book a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. You can get a taxi from the airport, but for our first trip there we figured it would be helpful to not have to worry about this portion of the trip. I came across Dreams Caribbean through Trip Advisor. They had great reviews!!! We couldn't have been happier with the outcome. They were there when we arrived to the airport an hour earlier than expected and were holding a sign with our name on it. We had our own van and he got us to the hotel in quick time. When it was time to leave they were at the hotel on time. We spent $80 round trip and gave tips to the drivers. I would highly recommend their services and they were very professional and efficient. We plan on going back next year and will absolutely use their services again!!!

Awesome Time!

by Angie 2014-06-14
If you only have to do one tour while in Punta Cana, this would be the only tour you'll need. Great service, very personalized and you don't have to be rushed & wait for so long with a bunch of other people in a big tour bus. Pay a little more and you get the best of everything Dominican Republic has to offer. First you get to drive or ride your own Jeep Wrangler & explore Dominican countryside, check out a very gracious host, Christian's home (he's a very funny guy too). Then they take you to do horseback riding & a bit of zip lining. A stop at a tobacco factory & roll your own tobacco. Then drive to a bare feet restaurant by the beach in Uvero Alto for lunch... really nice coz they take you away from the touristy areas in Macao where you get hounded with vendors. Uvero Alto is very serene. All in all the experience was 5 (or more) stars amazing!

Caribbean Dream T.O. is a top notch service organization!

by muddshields 2014-06-12
We brought a group of 52 business associates to Punta Cana this week and really appreciated the service we received from Caribbean Dream. From arranging ground transportation to a private snorkel adventure, these guys made it easy and hassle-free! A nice contrast to the otherwise, questionable, local vendors by whom we were 'taken'. I wish I would have hired them to organize the entire time we will! Thank you Ken and group...look forward to seeing you again.

Excursions were AMAZING

by Ellen and Omar 2014-06-12
Holla! "All the excursions were AMAZING and we would both definitely recommend your company and the excursions we went on. Your staff were so friendly and accommodating when we needed to change a date to one of our excursions. Amazing time and will definitely be coming back again and using your great services again!

I recommend Caribbean Dream if you choose to partake in any excursions.

by Kelly 2014-06-11
I would like to say that I would DEFINITELY recommend Caribbean Dream to my friends and family if they visit the Dominican Republic and choose to partake in any excursions. We LOVED Cueva Fun Fun. All of the logistics were handled appropriately and we were very pleased. Thanks for helping make our vacation a fantastic time!

The Jeep Safari was the highlight of our week!

by Charles Byrd 2014-06-11
The Jeep Safari was the highlight of our week. I have already recommended it to a couple that will be there in August. I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed this excursion. Our guides were really friendly and great people, and we were able to leave the resort and explore the culture of the DR. It was exactly what we were looking for.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Caribbean Dream to my friends and family

by Kelly 2014-06-08
I would like to say that I would DEFINITELY recommend Caribbean Dream to my friends and family if they visit the Dominican Republic and choose to partake in any excursions. We had a blast on Saona Island. All of the logistics were handled appropriately and we were very pleased. At Saona Island, everything was amazing. The only thing we would have changed is that we would have preferred to take the speedboats out to the island in the morning and then ride the catamaran back in the afternoon. It would have been nice to be able to cap off the fantastic day of relaxation with a party cruise back on the catamaran as opposed to partying on the way there. Just to reiterate, I will most definitely be recommending Caribbean Dream to any of my friends and family that choose to visit. Thanks for helping make our vacation a fantastic time!

Loved It!

by Brian Earp 2014-06-03
My wife and I absolutely loved our Extreme Dolphin Adventure trip. We recommended it to everyone we met in DR and will recommend it to anyone we know traveling to the DR. Thank you do much for such an amazing time!!

Definitely recommend your company!!

by ellen quinn 2014-06-02
All the excursions were AMAZING and we would both definitely recommend your company and the excursions we went on. Your staff were so friendly and accommodating when we needed to change a date to one of our excursions. Amazing time and will definitely be coming back again and using your great services again. Thanks Ellen and Omar

Best Day of our Vacation

by Jodean Skaar 2014-05-28
The best day of our 2 week trip to punta cana. Beautiful beach, dancing, snorkeling, photo shoot on beach, banana boats, innertubing, eating, playing games, shopping...etc I could go on and on amazing

Thank you do much for such an amazing time!!

by Brian Earp 2014-05-27
My wife and I absolutely loved our Extreme Dolphin Adventure trip. We recommended it to everyone we met in DR and will recommend it to anyone we know traveling to the DR. Thank you do much for such an amazing time!!

Everything was Amazing!!!

by Kimberly Meeks 2014-05-26
Everything was amazing. We might even do it again next year. Same place! It was beautiful and only rained once, which was great. I've recommended it already to everyone who is looking to vacation. The Ziplining was awesome. Well probably look into swimming with the dolphins next year. Thank you!

We had an amazing time with your excursion!

by Russ Evans 2014-05-15
We had an amazing time with your excursion! The tour guides were amazing and spoke english well. We would most certainly recommend the Dual Adventures tours to a friend. In fact we both can't stop talking about how great the 4x4 Buggies, Catamaran, Lagoon Swimming, delicious lunch , and private beaches were to our colleagues. Thank you so much for an amazing time, your excursion truly made our trip To Punta Cana unforgettable.

Zipline Excursion

by Swing Tsang 2014-05-12
Driver picked us up on time and the ride to the site was comfortable. The people at the ziplining place were very pleasant and fun! They spoke great English and were very helpful. Definitely worth it! Although I wish they told us where the cameras would be when they took our picture, because I seem to have always looked the other way and I did not like my pictures too much, otherwise I would have bought it.


by Ronda L 2014-02-18
Breathtaking scenery on the way out! The tour guide was very knowledgeable; she talked to each and every one of us on the way back to port. We saw several whales and I got lots of great pictures. My sister even got a great video of 3 whales traveling together. Absolutely loved the experience!

Educational and Worth the Money

by Bruce J 2014-02-18
This was our first whale watching trip. The staff was knowledgeable and it was apparent that this was their passion. If you have the tendency to get sea sick, do not go on this trip. Do not take your kids on this trip if they get sea sick. They will only be miserable and ruin the trip for others. The trip was great, my only complaint was that little kids where throwing up all over the place. Overall, a great trip, but only go if you can stomach it.

Big Whales and Tails!

by Jean 2014-02-18
The day we went whale watching was amazing. There were lots of whales and my kids were in awe the whole day. The boat was clean and the crew was helpful to point out different fun facts on the whales and other marine life. I would highly recommend for families looking for adventure.

Fantastic Experience for All!

by Jersey Mom 2014-02-18
I've read the reviews before we purchased our tickets. I've found that everyone has pretty much the same advice, which I agree with now. Follow the advice before you go on board in terms of things to bring and possible sea sickness. Keep in mind, everyone will have different experiences! Ours was amazing! We went with our son on January 28th. It happened to be a calm, beautiful day. Our son is obsessed with whales, so we were worried if we did not see any whales. They advertise that they guarantee whales. We saw so many humpback whales that day, as well as a huge pod of dolphins following the boat. Then we got the real treat...a humpback calf appeared alongside the boat. That was the most amazing site I've seen. Enjoy, this trip was worth it!

Excellent Airport Transfer

by Justin 2014-02-06
Traveled 12/18-12/25. We booked our airport to resort transfer online and prepaid via paypal. Confirmation was received within 24 hours including the pickup time for our departure. The driver was waiting with a sign outside baggage claims and the van was clean and air-conditioned. The departure pickup was right on time. Smooth and efficient. We would not hesitate to use Caribbean Dream on future trip.

Well Organized Tour Company

by Sasha 2014-01-22
I used Caribbean Dream for both an airport car transfer and a half day of sailing. They were very professional and responsive. We rented their St Mary Yacht for 4 hours of morning sailing and had a great time. The staff was really friendly, the food was surprisingly good and the places they took us to included an amazing white sand beach where they served us rum coconuts (you need to try it to know how amazing coconut water + rum + sugar is). The snorkeling spot was not very good but this is a general problem in Punta Cana. If you want a "booze cruise" type experience, are having a birthday party or want to just have a fun day out at sea, this is a great boat to rent and can comfortably seat 25-30 with lots of space to spare.

Punta Cana Shuttle Service

by Diane G 2014-01-15
My family just returned from a trip to Punta Cana. Before we left I was reading reviews for shuttle service from the airport to our hotel. That is how I found the services provided by Caribbean Dream. I compared their price to several other providers & they were the best deal by far. I was a little nervous about booking online and then paying the driver up front for the round trip. But I must say, the shuttle service was a wonderful experience - the driver was waiting right outside for us, loaded up our luggage and drove us right to our resort. We were into the drive about 20 minutes when someone from Caribbean Dream called the driver and asked to talk with my husband - he just wanted to verify that we were picked up & on our way. For our return flight, we had to leave the resort by 4am - when we got to the lobby at 3:45am the driver was already there waiting & had us all loaded up before we even got checked out. Overall an excellent experience - Kinda wish we would have booked a excursion too : )

Caribbean Dream Airport Service

by Jude D 2014-01-12
Just as advertised, our driver was waiting for us upon our arrival with our name on a placard and he was on time for picking us up to take us back to the airport. Trip to and from the airport to the Barcelo Bavaro Beach was about 25-30 minutes each way.

Great Customer Service

by Dave 2013-11-18
We used this company for are resort transfers and were friendly and efficient. Even allowing us to change are collection time at the last minute.

Great Experience

by Traci 2012-12-14
Worth the money. Extremely safe and the staff, tour guide Wilson known as "Pinky" is a must to request. He made the ride there and back very interesting. Driver..."Ricki Martin" was awesome as well!

Fantastic Travel Arrangements

by Marcie Noyek 2012-12-11
I just arrived home this evening from Punta Cana and I wanted to thank you again for coordinating our travel arrangements while we were in your wonderful country. The service was on time and very efficient. And the drivers were very courteous. When I go into the office tomorrow I will be sure to tell all my colleagues to promote your company for all our client's needs. Marcie Noyek Senior Travel Consultant Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Best Experience EVER!

by Steph 2012-12-04
The entire team at El Macao Surf is amazing! First time ever trying to surf and I want to go back. Everyone is paired with a surf instructor and help guide you through the entire day. Lots of laughs and fun and recommend anyone going to Punta Cana definitely try this!

Worth Every Penny

by Mike 2012-12-03
So much fun! Wilson was a great tour guide. He took the time to tell us about the Dominican Republic and give us information on the history and culture. Per our request, he even stopped at a roadside restaurant so we could get some authentic Dominican food. Best chicken I've had in my life! With this trip you really get a great value because you get to see a lot of the countryside, do a little off-roading to get to the zip line site, and of course zip line in a beautiful location. We were told it is the location that Jurassic Park was filmed. They ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Great Service

by Jean Scott 2012-12-01
Just a quick note to say thank you for the great service I received from your company this past week. I will defiantly be recommending your company to my clients in the future.

Great experience. Safe and fun.

by Blue Eyes 2012-11-30
So worth the price!!! It was a half day thing. The ride up into the mountain is in an open aired vehicle. It feels good on your face after a long night. :-) The morning is the best time. It is humid and hot but not as hot as it was at noon on our way back. If you get our wonderful guide, try the genuine Dominican chocolate. It is so good!!!! We bought two boxes from a grocery store.

Awesome Time

by Dawnie Georgean 2012-11-19
I have gone Ziplining 3 other times before and the best part about this zipline is that its non stop action! There is no stopping and waiting until an instuctor brings up the rear type scenenario its go go go. I also enjoyed the hiking involved. Beautiful scenery. The busride to and from was also fun!


by Meredith 2012-11-03
My boyfriend and I recently visited the D.R. and this was, hands down, our favorite experience there! We did a few different excursions, but Macao Surf Camp was by far the best thing we did. Not only did they pick us up from our resort- right on time, take us to a beautiful beach (that we wouldn't have visited otherwise) but they were so friendly, and really cared about us having a good time. They went above and beyond to make sure we caught some waves and had an excellent day. If you don't just want to sit on your resort all day- you must check this out- it will be worth your time! A definite 5-star rating!

Punta Cana's BEST Excursion

by Joanne 2012-10-25
This is 3 hours of Fun with a wonderful crew! Everyone was absolutely wonderful & made this fantastic excursion more than Spectacular! They really took great care of us! This is where I learned how to lazy snorkel! Lay on one of their floats on your belly with your snorkeled face over edge in the water & watch the was Awesome! The Massage, the sharks, the Kayaking the crew were FANTASTIC!

Sooooo Fun!

by Araxjan 2012-10-16
Going on the Zipline was really fun because there were so many towers, and the views were spectacular, and some of the lines were actually really long and really high, making it quite adventurous.

Worth the Money! Skip the Booze Cruise and Go Here!

by Shannon 2012-10-12
Loved this excursion!! Beautiful reef to snorkel on your own time. Can snorkel with stingray and nurse shark. Also get a half hour massage on the deck over water to relax. Would go again!! Everyone n our boat had a fabulous time.

Amazing Adventure

by Erivannia 2012-10-05
This was an amazing adventure. I had never ziplined before, but to have the opportunity to do it in the mountains in the Dominican Republic was fantastic! The trip up to the mountains was great and the guide was a lot of fun.

Spa Boat!!!

by Jodi 2012-10-04
GREAT!!!!! We had fun! Massage was great, the toxins that were release through our feet was cool.. The fish that ate the skin off our feet was really neat!!! Staff was super nice!!!

Great Ziplining

by Karen 2012-10-03
Great experience and the instructors were wonderful! Very patient for those of us who were a little apprehensive!

Great Excursion

by Kim 2012-09-30
Great trip and it was my first time....The zip line was great and some of your money will help the children

Just Do It While in Punta Cana

by Paddler 2012-09-22
This is everything and more that Canopy Adventure Zip Line Tours has written, I had a blast and left with a DVD of pictures taken by one of their photographers to remember this trip for a lifetime. It is very safe to do, no need to worry about if a cable should ever snap, this company uses two cables on every run. The staff considers safety to be their main priority, followed by making sure their customers have a lot of fun. Jump right in, you are going to love this.

Great Time!

by Blizzard 2012-09-11
This was a Great all day excursion!! Staff was Great, snorkeling, lobster dinner, and beautiful beach!! We both had a wonderful nap on the beach in the hammocks after lunch. Well worth the money! Will do it again when we go back to Punta Cana.

Excursion to Canopy Adventure

by Kelley 2012-08-15
Loved Canopy Adventure! Service, and employees there were amazing :) had a great time from the start to the beginning, our tour guide was very entertaining, would love to come back there each and every time I visit Punta Cana. Safe, and great site for zip-lining! I recommend Canopy Adventure to anyone who wants to have a fun time :)

What a Great Time!

by Connie 2012-08-02
Our family of four (me, my husband and two teenagers 13 and 16) had a great time. The truck ride was as much fun as the ziplines were! The staff were wonderful and none of us felt nervous for a second. This was one of many highlights of a great trip!!

Wonderfully relaxing; great experience!

by Milton 2012-07-27
I would highly recommend this spa experience. It was very well organized and definitely an excursion I'd highly recommend. The entire experience was indulgent. The Massage was wonderfully relaxing as well as the relaxing on the floating mat afterwards. The fish exfoliating was fun and an experience. This is definitely an excursion well worth doing!


by Lisa 2012-07-26
We went with our two kids (ages 14 and 12) and had a great time! All of their staff was very professional and we appreciated their emphasis on safety! Also loved the 1 1/2 hour drive there...had a great guide and driver. We learned quite a bit about the Dominican Republic and their culture.

A Delightful Afternoon

by Christine 2012-07-24
Really enjoyed this very unique and rather indulgent excursion. The massage and other treatments were excellent. Enjoyed floating on the mats in the ocean too. I was a bit apprehensive at the prospect of fish exfoliating my feet but had to try it and, despite the squeals from my fellow passengers, it just tickled and was rather fun. The activities were followed by wine and lunch and the opportunity to laze on deck. The staff were friendly and attentive. Only improvement would be to make the food a little more appetizing. All in all a very relaxing trip.

Really Fun Trip

by Pearson 2012-07-15
My wife and I decided to try this excursion out on our honeymoon and we were not disappointed. It was a little crazy getting to the zip line but that adds to the excitement. Be sure to try this out when you come to punta cana and you wont be disappointed.

Great Excursion for the Family

by Cherry 2012-07-14
This was the frist time doing this excursion and the second time to Punta Cana. Snuba was a great experience along with the speed boats. Me and the family would definitely do this excursion again and would recommend it for everyone. Just know there are no bathrooms on the boat. You can use the facilities on land before you leave but they will have nothing on the boat until you return.

Great Outing for a Couple or Group

by Ken Foringer 2012-07-10
I was nervous about booking a excursion from our hotel and not falling into some kind of tourist trap, but this was great! I booked online through their website and they picked us up at the front door of our hotel. The bus ride was about and hour to the mountains but our guide made it fun and it was nice to see more of the real Dominican Republic outside our hotel. The whole thing was very well run, very safe and a whooooole lot of fun! An amazing rush for the adrenaline junkie!

Fun Fun Fun!

by Onnie 2012-07-05
This was a great excursion. You get to do 3 things... 1) speed boat, 2) snorkeling, and 3) snuba. It was a great deal for the money and you got to experience 3 different things. Hubby thought that the snuba was awesome and I have to agree. The staff are awesome, very helpful and really know their stuff. I would recommend it to anyone going.

Canopy Adventure Fun and Informative

by Heather 2012-06-28
My wife and I just got back from our trip to Punta Cana for the second time and this time we decided to do the Canopy Adventure Zip Line. It was a lot of fun for the both of us. The 2 lines made my wife feel much better about how safe it would be. The drive there was long but it went by really fast thanks to our guide, Jose. He talked to us the entire time and gave us a lot of history about the area. He made the long drive much more enjoyable. We did have the best driver on the island too with Joel. He did a great job getting us there safely. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking for an exciting time.

A Fun and One Of A Kind Experience

by Sipari 2012-06-28
I loved the massage and the fish experience. It feels like your are getting tiny electric shocks when the fish are eating the skin on your feet it's a really weird feeling but my feet felt really soft afterwards.

Refreshing Ocean Spa Experience

by Agene 2012-06-20
I highly recommend this expereience. It composed yoga, sunbathing in ocean, and a wonderful body massage, detoxification of feet. Then the fish clean the feet (tickulous but fun). Light snacks and drinks. Wonderful!

Bridal Shower

by Tanis 2012-05-28
The Girls in our group took me on the Dr. Fish - Ocen Spa as my Bridal Shower, and it was amazing. The staff on the boat were so friendly. It was a very relaxing trip... Worth every penny just for the massage you get!!


by Pmimmy 2012-05-05
This was the BEST tour i had last week. Exciting, with a great team. You get an induction, you are briefed on how to use the equipment, the lifeguards are extremely patient, and will go through great pains to take pictures if you give them your camera. For the price, it is worth it. I filmed an amazing video during my snuba session.

Caribbean Dream Super Truck Safari

by Niki 2012-04-30
I contacted the owner of Caribbean Dream, Thomas Murray, several months before our group trip to Punta Cana to arrange a Super Truck Safari. Thomas repiled to my original email promtply and did so with the many questions that followed. We were a group of 32, and filled one of the big trucks on April 23rd, 2012. As scheduled, Caribbean Dream picked us up at our hotel at 8:00 am. Milton was our guide, and I can tell you that he is the absolute best there is!! I have been on several Jeep Safaris, but hands down this one rated the highest in customer service, itinerary, knowledgable staff, driver, bartender and food. Each of the 32 in our group had a fabulous time, and will talk about our experience with Caribbean Dream for many years to come. Thank you Thomas and Milton for making our Super Trick Safari a "dream" come true!! I will be certain to contact you again for another excursion with your company. All the best! Regards, Niki and the gang.

Great Experience

by BeachBum 2012-04-05
We used Caribbean Dream for our airport transfers. It was great! They had someone waiting there with a sign with our name on it. They loaded up our luggage and we were on our way to our resort! We did not have to drop anyone else off, it was just us. It was very convenient and quick and reasonably priced. The employees are also very friendly. We will us them again and I would definitely recommend them.

Caribbean Dream is the Most Professional of any of the local DMC's

by Mark Merenda 2012-03-29
Thomas at Caribbean Dream is the most responsive and comprehensive contact one can have at a DMC. I used another larger DMC for some of my arrangements but I can say without a doubt that the service and responsiveness that I received from Caribbean Dream was far above the other major DMC's in the area. I would highly recommend using his firm for your group tour and transfer needs. Job well done. Mark Merenda Event Planner at a major New York Real Estate Research Firm

Excellent Customer Service

by Darlene B 2012-03-24
We were picked up at the airport on time and as planned, and provided with a clean vehicle and an excellent driver. We were helped with our luggage and we were also contacted by a representative from Caribbean to make sure we were happy with the service. Our next trip will definitely include a transfer with this company.

Good service

by Inesa 2012-02-29
Highly reccommend Carribean Dream service. We booked for 52 people group transfer service Santo Domingo Airport-Punta Cana-Santo Domingo Airport. The service was high quality and punctually. People from group took different excursions like : fishing charter, Super Truck, Dolphin Explorer, Catalina Fieston and came back with best impressions about great time during the excursions. Thank you

Amazing Views

by CJ 2012-02-26
We took an all day excursion with Caribbean Dream to both locations. The bus ride was long and not in very good condition. Catalina Island was nice but the beach was no more spectacular than Bavaro Beach right in front of our hotel. Altos de Chavon is amazing. I wished we had more time to enjoy and appreciate this unique facility.

Quick and Easy

by TankMech 2012-02-23
My wife and I used Caribbean Dream for a hotel transfer to the Gran Bahia Principe on 12 Feb 2012. Even though our flight was almost 90 minutes late, the driver was still there waiting for us just as planned. Transfer was quick and easy. Will definitely use this service again.

Lots of Fun!

by Maritette 2012-01-15
Segways were lots of fun, and good price. Went to Punta Cana Resort and Club, which is pricey resort, Julio Iglasis was performing that night. Nice tour along beach on Carribean side, and through a eco park and gardens.

Perfect airport transfer

by Patricia Rajher 2011-10-05
We were a ble to enjoy our first trip to Punta Cana knowing that we had a proffessional, safe and friendly driver (Garry) transporting us from the airport and then back again. I hightly recommend this company. Suggestion, be sure, if you are staying at a private residence that Garry understands that you would like to stop at a grocery store (mercado) for provisions, Thank you Caribbean Dream team.

Excellent Professional Service

by Wendy 2011-09-16
We were pleasantly surprised with the service provided by Caribbean Dream Tours. We book several excursions and were impressed with the prompt pick up each time at our hotel. There were NO hassles or worries. We appreciated being picked up in a small private vehicle,adding personal touches that are not provided with other tour companies. Caribbean Dream Tour company is the BEST tour company I have booked through. I will definitely use them again without hesitation. Thank you to Gary and Thomas for making our trip to Punta Cana an outstanding and fun trip

Great Company

by Alonzo 2011-09-05
I used Caribbean Dream to pick up me and my wife from the airport, I also used them for a parasailing tour. We also booked a tour to Santo Domingo with Caribbean Dream but had to cancel due to the weather and they immediately credited my account back. Garry was more than helpful, he gave me info on local restaurants in the area. On our way to the condo, Garry had the driver stopped at the grocery store so we could pick up a few things. Very professional company and will used them the next time I go back to Punta Cana. I recommend them to anyone who goes to Punta Cana.

Best Trip of our Holiday!

by Matt Peerless 2011-08-22
A very relaxed trip to a small compound roughly 400m off-shore with the opportunity to snorkel unrestricted with sharks and stingrays - perfect. No pressure on you to participate in any of the activities, I spent virtually the whole time in with the sharks. Fantastic

Great service

by Jacqueline 2011-07-19
The transportation service to the airport was professional and right on time. All our questions were answered immediately. Garry was more than helpful when I first contacted him. We would use their service again.

First Time on a Segway... What a BLAST!

by Dufferme 2011-06-22
My wife, son and I took this tour last week while we were in Punta Cana- our expectations were not that high; it was terrific. My wife is not very adventurous, she was an instant pro. The locale is perfect right next to the Punta Cana Resort, the golf course and beach is amazing, our guides let us experiment with the Segways; you can not loose your balance- my son kept trying. This a great way to spend a couple of hours, the nature exhibits are enjoyable; fun for all.

Service was punctual and fast

by Lysons 2011-04-08
Thanks for the great shuttle service to and from the airport in Punta Cana. Lysons

Professional Treatment On Airport Transfer

by Youri Nelson 2010-12-20
We went on a trip to the DR, we stayed at the Majestic Elegance and we booked a private transfer with Caribbean Dream to the resort. The service was great we thank Jeff for his professionalism, they are always available on their emergency contact number, bus was there waiting for us when our flight was 2 hours late. They were on time for our departure. We would recommended their service to anybody visiting the East-coast of the Dominican Republic. Jeff keep the good work. Thanks, Youri

Good Customer Service

by M Woods 2010-01-10
Our trip to the Dominican Republic was terrible. The only thing that was great was how the Caribbean Dream staff as promised, helped us to make the best of it. We had all kind of problems with the hotel, good thing we had 3 days out booked with Caribbean Dream. We went on Saona Island everything was Great, the trip to the capital city was too long but well organized and our fishing charter for the day was professionally planed. We thank you guys for your service, we will speak highly about you in Texas. Woods


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