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Dolphin Royal

Here's What You Get

Do you like Dolphins?

Of course you do! Who doesn't like Dolphins?

Swimming with Dolphins is one of the most memorable experiences you'll have in this lifetime.

The Dolphin's intelligence, beauty and sheer strength is simply awe-inspiring; and our hope is this experience will create a greater appreciation and respect for these majestic marine mammals.

A vast and spacious Dolphinarium is the setting for this exclusive excursion that ensures the most intimate interaction with the Dolphin. Now, hop in the water and don't be scared! These trained Dolphins are the gentle giants of the sea and the experience is unparalleled.

Two Dolphins will interact with your small group of max 10 persons for 60 minutes! And what will you do?

  • Kisses and hugs: You kiss the Dolphin and you get one back - awwww.

  • A dance and a handshake: well not really a handshake but a fin shake!

  • Belly rub: As the dolphins swim by rub their belly! They normally enjoy this part the most.

  • Foot push: Keep your legs straight because this is where two Dolphins (one for each foot) push you through the water. Unforgettable!

  • Dorsal Ride: Hold on to the Dolphin's dorsal fin for the ride of your life. Admit it - who hasn't dreamed of doing that?

And no need to worry about photos and/or video. Professional photographers are there to capture these incredible moments to help you remember forever! Oh and the crystal clear waters in the Dolphnarium make for amazing photos!

Our Dolphin Swims are intimate excursions with a strict limit on the number of participants. Book your spot in advance to ensure availability.

Join us, in Punta Cana, to Swim with Dolphins and garner a greater respect for these intelligent creatures of the sea.

What’s Included

  • Ground transport
  • 15 Minute Orientation
  • Locker and key for your clothes
  • Professional Trainer

What to Bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Credit Card or Cash

Duration of Tour

Approximately 4 hours

Tour Times

Approx. Pick up Times: Morning (8am - 9am) / Afternoon (12pm - 1pm)

"Pickup times and locations vary depending on the hotel you are staying at. We will be contacting you shortly with the exact time and pickup location"


This tour operates

Hotel Pickup Location

Hotel Lobby or specified meeting point
"Pickup locations vary by hotel location
We'll be contacting you with the exact location"

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No cameras are allowed in the dolphin area, you may purchase photos and videos separately. Pregnant women may not participate.
Punta Cana Tours is dedicated to the quality of our products and we can assure our clients that the animals used in this excursion are cared for with some of the strictest standards in the Caribbean.


This Excursion is no longer available. Please click here, for other tour options.

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