Top Places to Visit in Miches

Miches has a long list of attractions for the outdoor lover. Just an hour’s drive from Punta Cana will have you in the eco-tourism epicenter of the Dominican Republic’s eastern region. Below are some of the most sought after destinations in Miches.

Montaña Redonda
Montana Redonda

Perched at 1,000 ft above sea level, Montaña Redonda is the perfect place to eye Miches from above with sweeping 360 views of the Samana Bay and the Oriental Mountains.

Salto La Jalda
La Jalda Waterfall

Salto la Jalda is the tallest waterfall in the Caribbean. Deep inside La Jalda National Park, the Magua River plummets nearly 400 ft to a natural lagoon below.

Playa Esmeralda

La Costa Esmeralda is one of the most sought after shorelines in the Dominican Republic. Coconut palms line a tranquil, sandy beach with lapping turquoise waters.

Los Haitises National Park

Spanning over 600 sq miles, Los Haitises is a dense humid forest protecting endemic flaura y fauna, untouched mangrove forests and ancient Taino caves.

Salto El Cedro

Hidden in the upper reaches of El Cedro River, Salto El Cedro is a secluded cascade of pure river water with a natural swimming hole.

Media Luna

Have you ever stood in waist deep waters in the middle of the ocean? Media Luna or Half Moon is an immense Shoal that creates natural swimming pools in the middle of Samana Bay.

Cayo Levantado
Samana Cayo Levantado

Cayo Levantado is located closer to the Samana Pensinsula but is easily reachable by boat from Miches. This beautiful offshore island is also the jump off point for whale watching.

Laguna Limon

At some 20 sq miles, the Laguna Limon Scientific Reserve is an important source of income and food, for the local area, where mainly Tilapia is fished. The lagoon is also popular for kayaking.

Playa Limon

Playa Limon is a several mile long coastline with few visitors and many coconut palms. This uninhabited Caribbean beach is as photogenic as it is wild.

Town of Miches

Miches is a fun seaside town to visit! Although small, Miches boasts a newly renovated central park, seaside path (Malecon), restaurants, bars and wonderful, welcoming locals.

Yanigua Waterfall

Located just outside of the town of El Valle, Yanigua has a rope swing to jump from the falls. For adventure-seekers, more waterfalls can be found several kilometers up the Yanigua River (one of those falls pictured).

The Falls at Caño Hondo
Cano Hondo Waterfalls

Paraiso Caño Hondo is a cozy eco-lodge at Los Haitises National Park. Transversing the property is a natural river landscaped into numerous waterfalls. Do a day pass or stay the night!

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