The Punta Cana Weddingmoon

The title of this article probably begs the question: What is a Weddingmoon? So, a Weddingmoon is a current trend in the wedding industry and it’s simply your wedding and your honeymoon all wrapped into one. On one single trip you’ll get married and have your honeymoon at the same time!

Now with that said, here at Punta Cana Tours we have a specific definition for a Weddingmoon – no guests. That’s right, I mean do you take guests on your honeymoon? Of course not; so a true Weddingmoon is just you, your soon to be spouse and Punta Cana! Other sites online may define a Weddingmoon with guests but, in all honesty, that has another name: Destination Wedding.

It’s not eloping…

Eloping is when you run off and get married on a whim, telling no one until after the fact. A Weddingmoon is planned and everyone knows you’re getting married – they’re just not invited! Look, to each his own. Only you can decide whether you invite guests or not but here at Punta Cana Tours we believe a Weddingmoon should be about simplicity and unforgettable memories for you and your soon to be spouse ONLY. It’s OK to be selfish, it’s your wedding and your honeymoon!

Even though a Weddingmoon is just you and your spouse there is some planning to do (albeit one million times less than a regular wedding or destination wedding). That’s where we come in. We’ve been helping couples with private ceremonies and private wedding celebrations for years.

This is how we do it:

  • Dedicated planner: Our group and wedding planner Yeny (pronounced Jeny) will hold your hand during the entire process and answer any and all questions. You’ll be dealing with an actual local expert and not some call center!
  • Accommodation: We can book your accommodation or give suggestions on the best resorts in Punta Cana. There are 50+ resorts in the destination so it can be overwhelming to say the least. We normally recommend adult-only and/or smaller more intimate resorts for a Weddingmoon.
  • Ceremony: You can choose to have your ceremony at the resort or even at one of our off-resort beach locations. We normally couple our beach locations with a private boat!
  • Celebration: The best way we know how to celebrate a wedding is with a private boat on the Caribbean Sea…duh!! Our two most popular options are our Private Yacht to Saona Island and our Romantic Cruise for Two which cruises along the Punta Cana shoreline. This experience can be your after-wedding celebration or your ceremony and celebration all in one.

Punta Cana truly is an amazing destination for a Weddingmoon. Punta Cana’s international airport is the most connected in the Caribbean with direct flights from numerous cities in the U.S. and around the world. And just ask yourself…where do most people honeymoon? In the Caribbean of course! So combining your private wedding with a no-brainer destination for your honeymoon is a win-win.

So, keep it simple, make the day about you and your partner only; and most importantly, save on money but not on memories. Whether you’re starting life with that special someone or renewing vows, it’s I do for Two.

Contact us now to start planning your Punta Cana Weddingmoon!

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