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Sport Fishing

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Punta Cana is a great place to discover Deep Sea Fishing! Here you’ll have the opportunity for great catches like Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna. As well as the big catches such as Blue and White Marlin. Come enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures on Punta Cana’s unforgettable deep blue ocean.

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Here’s What You Get

Are you a fisherman? Or someone who simply wants to hit the Caribbean seas for the chance to catch the big one?

If so, look no further than Caribbean Dream’s Fishing Excursion!

Punta Cana is a renowned destination for Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Year round, there’s prized game fish to reel in…This is what YOU can land!

  • Mahi Mahi – Known locally as Dorado, this tropical fish is recognized world wide for its meat. At up to 7 feet and over 80 pounds, you’re gonna have to work for the chance to taste!
  • Wahoo – Living in Tropical seas and part of the mackerel family, Wahoos are long, sleek fish with average weights of 20-40 pounds. Fun to catch and even better to eat!
  • Yellow Fin Tuna – A common fish in temperate latitudes, you can possibly land one at over 7 feet and over 400 pounds! Delicious meat often used in Sushi.
  • Sailfish – The fastest fish on earth is caught regularly in Punta Cana. Size can be over 6 feet and over 200 pounds. Fast and big!
  • White Marlin – Smaller than their relative, white marlin can measure up to 10 feet and well over 150 pounds. Not small! But the meat is incredibly tasty.
  • Barracuda – A formidable looking fish up to 6 feet in length and up to 100 pounds. Great meat and a fun catch.
  • Blue Marlin – The grand prize! Weighing over 1,000 pounds and up to 16 feet in length, the blue marlin is considered a delicacy.

Choose from:

  • Group Charter of like minded pros to the novice
  • Private Charter (half day or full day)

There’s even observer rates if your friends and family simply want to watch the show!

But whether you’re fishing or watching, everyone gets to enjoy their time out on Punta Cana’s beautiful deep seas with refreshments like Rum, Coke, Water.

There’s only so much space in the boat so scroll up and Book Now.

Come enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Fishing! And let our experienced crew assist you in landing the big one!

What’s Included

  • Round trip transport
  • Professional guide
  • Necessary equipment
  • Refreshments

What to Bring

  • Beach clothing
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash
  • Dramamine
 Our boat can accommodate a total of 7 fisherman and 3 observers. Please note that in deep sea fishing the rods are placed in a holder. The rods are then grasped when there is a bite. The type of fishing done on this excursion is trolling. Trolling is a method of fishing where several baited lines are drawn through the water. In other words, the boat is constantly in motion. Because of this we highly recommend Dramamine for motion

6 reviews for Sport Fishing

  1. Mike (verified purchase)

    If I could give a higher than 5 star rating, I would.

    Starting from the early morning pick up, the driver was on time and efficient. We arrived at the pier where we were met with other staff, they were courteous and professional. They made sure everything was in order and also gave us an opportunity to rebook if we thought that the waters were too rough. Of course we never rescheduled. Once upon the fishing boat, we set out on an adventure. The seas were rough that day, but the captain and crew were excellent in dealing with the bad weather. The crew mate wasted no time in setting up all the lines and making sure that everything was to above satisfactory standards. The fishing was a success. Many fish were caught, my son caught the biggest fish he ever caught. We will be back again next year and fishing will be one of the highest priorities
    Thank you Punta Cana Tours for the amazing lasting adventure and memories.

  2. Perla (verified purchase)

    Despite my expericne I wanted to say that Gary is very helpful and responsive. I can’t praise his customer service skills enough!

    Sport fishing was a horrible experience, but this was totally my own inexperience with the sport. Lord were we all sick. Like all 8+ people sick and I overlooked it was a long trip. 4 hours of being sick in turbulent water, pretty miserable. Didn’t catch anything (again don’t think this is their fault) until the end someone caught a small fish, but by that point we just wanted to be on dry land. Long story short, don’t book that trip if you’re a baby like me lol. 😀

    Got off the boat and some man rushed us to a car and wouldn’t communicate how he knew we were the correct people he was supposed to drive (I’m fluent in Spanish) and he didn’t respond. He was NOT our driver, so don’t think this was the tour company’s fault – he just rushed us to where our driver was. But I got freaked and messaged Gary who IMMEDIATELY called me and verified with the driver he was in fact one of his guys. Again, can’t praise him enough.

    I would definitely recommend them!! Just do your own homework and make sure you know which excursion is best for you!

  3. Mindy (verified purchase)

    The guides were super nice, although we got so sick. The trip is a long one (4 hours) of actual fishing, not including the travel time (for us it was about 45 min one way). We were impressed with their kindness when we became sick and also their enthusiasm.

  4. Larissa (verified purchase)

    First half of 4 hours was awesome my son caught a huge wahoo and two baracudas, the guy kept changing the fish being used as bait. When we were done the two guys were great to take pictures of us holding the fish, they were friendly but then asked us for a tip. It was quite a rush watching my son get such s big fish

  5. Zion (verified purchase)

    Todo fue Excelente! Pasamos momentos fenomenales. La mejor excursion que he tenido, Gracias!

  6. Keanna (verified purchase)

    So glad I used Punta Cana Tours for my vacation plans. Booked three tours through them and all my expectations were met.

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