Miches’ Media Luna

Media Luna is the Dominican Republic’s ultimate natural swimming pool or “piscina natural” as the locals would say and it’s located just over an hour’s drive from Punta Cana.

Tourists flock to many of the country’s natural ocean pools in Punta Cana and Saona island which are really sandbars that offer waist deep waters, hundreds of meters from the shoreline. These pools always prove popular as they afford the surreal experience of standing in shallow, transparent waters, out on the ocean – normally with a rum in hand!

But Media Luna is a Dominican sandbar to its most beautiful extreme. Located a whopping 3 miles (5km) from the closest shoreline, Media Luna is a sight to see and experience. An immense ocean reef sits in the middle of Samana Bay, shallowing the bay’s deep waters. This great atoll can be found midway between Miches and the Samana Peninsula and, if seen from above, takes on the shape of a giant half moon, hence its name “Media Luna” in Spanish. 

And getting there is half the fun…

A roughly 15-20 minute motorboat ride separates Miches from Media Luna. The scenic ride offers amazing views of the Oriental Mountain Range, as they rise into full sight to the south. Samana’s distant mountains can be seen to the north and the bay’s deep blue waters eventually give way to shallow transparancy as you approach Media Luna. The natural pools are unmistakable with circular, crystalline lagoons dotting the ocean’s surface. Now jump in! And let me describe the setting…

Depending on the tide, you’ll be standing in waist-deep or knee-deep water; literally, in the middle of a warm, Caribbean ocean. Add the surrounding mountain ranges and you’ll be experiencing an oasis-like, natural setting that few tourists to the Dominican Republic will ever see.

Lastly, make sure to bring some rum and take a selfie or two with the lazy starfish that frequent the pool’s serene waters. An unforgettable experience, Media Luna is one Miches’ best kept and awe-inspiring experiences.

Additional info

-It’s important to bring water shoes as sea urchins also like to frequent the pool’s grassy areas. 

-If at all possible, bring a boogie board or water bed to create your own floating bar! 

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