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The BEST Beach Horseback Riding in Punta Cana

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If you’ve been searching for a way to explore the unspoiled beaches of Punta Cana, you’ve finally found it! Live this genuine experience whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice. It’s your vacation; escape from your resort for an unforgettable half day of horseback riding in paradise.

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Have you ever been horseback riding on a remote, pristine beach in the Caribbean? Most haven’t but keep reading so we can explain why YOU should.

This is not your “run-of-the-mill” horseback riding tour. We’re taking YOU far from your resort to the northern most fringes of Punta Cana. Here it’s you, your horse and miles of unspoiled beach.

Your vacation is about experiences and we want to create a memorable one for you on horseback!

An how do we plan to do that? By offering the following…

  • Round trip transport in an open air truck. How many times in your life will you travel the Dominican Republic in the back of an open air truck?
  • The horse ranch is genuine. Our sleepy ranch in Punta Cana’s coutryside has been around for years; and there’s only one thing the people at this small family run homestead love more than visitors: their many beautiful horses.
  • A 2-hour ride along a sparkling, untouched coastline. Imagine waves of the warm Atlantic to one side, dense tropical brush and towering palm trees to another, miles of coastline to the north and south, and amber sand beneath.
  • Stroll, gallop or sprint! Our guides feel your level of know-how and comfort and then take a step back. Will you ever get to beach horseback ride again? Who knows. Live the experience.

You only need a half day to get a world away from your resort and a universe away from your daily life.

Book now, and in advance, to ensure availability on this intimate and genuine horseback ride in Punta Cana.

What’s Included

  • Round trip transport
  • Professional guides
  • Necessary equipment
  • Water

What to Bring

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Cash
 Punta Cana Tours is dedicated to the quality of our products and we can assure our clients that the horses used in this excursion are well cared for. Weight limit is 250 pounds.

16 reviews for The BEST Beach Horseback Riding in Punta Cana

  1. Abner (verified purchase)

    Absolutely amazing all in one tour. Marcos and the crew are more than tour guides…they’re real people that love DR and want to share it with everyone. We were sad to go back to the resort after spending the day with them. The beautiful sights, fun activities, and lessons about how people live off the land there are truly unforgettable. Also, if you’d rather not go on a large group tour this is the one for you. We were with only 1 other couple and Marcos and crew so it was peaceful and worth the money for sure!

  2. Yusimil (verified purchase)

    This excursion was well worth every dollar spent! The experience is unforgettable from the Horse Ranch to the fun ride on the buggy and the adventurous zip lining, I would definitely return hands down!!! Thank you to the entire staff for showing us such an amazing time and for my tour guide Joselo for all the knowledge given on the horses!!

  3. Nataly (verified purchase)

    We booked horse back riding – it was GREAT! The horses were healthy, staff nice, ride on undeveloped beach, and then the two guides take each rider individually and allow you to gallop down the beach. They stay one in front and one beside/behind, – much more controlled then the usual group gallops with riders of all different levels. A BLAST!

  4. Billie (verified purchase)

    I enjoyed the staff. They communicated well. The photographer was pretty good. We enjoyed the beach horseback excursion. Next time we go, we will do the private session. Didn’t know that was available til we got there because online doesn’t allow you to select that. So maybe call if you prefer one on one. I got the experience I was looking for and they allow you to gallop at free will. Unlike visits we’ve done in America, this exciting ride was the one to captivate our horseback riding place. Deff would go back again.

  5. Cathryn (verified purchase)

    This was an excellent tour! Was a short bus ride to the ranch and we were mounted quickly on suitable horses that were in healthy condition. They had lots of energy and we walked and trotted and cantered! Very fun! The photographer kept along with us and took some great pics that were inexpensive on a disc. The views were amazing of the beach and the jungle. All in all a great trip!
    Cathryn Pittsburgh, PA

  6. Micah (verified purchase)

    We were a party of 4 and booked horseback, zipline, and Catalina. We has booked parasailing and we had to cancel due to an illness. Gary was very quick to respond to all emails and really made the whole process easy. When I come back to punta Cana I will definitely use Punta Cana tours again.

  7. Kristi (verified purchase)

    This was an excellent tour! Was a short bus ride to the ranch and we were mounted quickly on suitable horses that were in healthy condition. They had lots of energy and we walked and trotted and cantered! Very fun! The photographer kept along with us and took some great pics that were inexpensive on a disc. The views were amazing of the beach and the jungle. All in all a great trip! Kristi, Pittsburgh, PA

  8. Larissa (verified purchase)

    We went horseback riding on the beach through this tour company. WOW. I have never actually “gallopped” on a horse before. The trainers were professional, knowledgable and would make the horses run which was a ton of fun. The beach was virgin and beautiful. Absolutely incredible experience.

  9. Lia (verified purchase)

    The ride and view was amazing! The tour guide was very helpful and attentive as I was there solo. The only downside was the soreness that lasted for days afterwards. It is definitely not for people with back or hip problems. Props to the ranch for allowing us time to play with the puppies and other animals on the land.

  10. Maren (verified purchase)

    We went on 2 tours while we were in Punta Cana. We went on the zip line tour and they also helped pick out the horseback riding. Our tour guide with zip line canopy tour was so much fun, and made the trip well worth the money. The horseback riding on the beach was beautiful, and was definitely fun also! If we ever go back, we would definitely do more excursions with Punta Cana Tours again! Their staff is kind, courteous, and well informed.

  11. Anna (verified purchase)

    We have booked the horse riding online and put down that we are experience riders. It turned out to be a great idea. We got to go on a different route than the beginners and had a great experience. The location is lovely, minutes away from the sea. Our guide was very professional, let us canter along the beach and even joined us for a race. 🙂

  12. Ania (verified purchase)

    We booked two excursions through Punta Cana Tours. The first was a snorkeling trip to the Marinarium which was fun and well run, but a bit crowded. I generally find snorkeling to be very peaceful, but this was not due to the size of the group. There were refreshments, but nothing to write home about (white bread prepackaged sandwiches). The equipment was good and the staff on the excursion were very nice and helpful. All in all it was a fun afternoon. Our second excursion was horseback riding on the beach with Rancho Caribeno. Our group was just the 4 of us and our guide, Oscar. The horses were great and the ride was beautiful. There is nothing like galloping on the beach at the edge of the water on a gorgeous day! Oscar was fun and very helpful, making it a morning to remember. My only complaint is that the information stated that refreshments would be provided and all that was offered was a bottle of water. We did, though, return to the hotel around lunchtime, so that was fine.

  13. Olga (verified purchase)

    Lots of fun for novice or experienced riders. We had both in our group. Staff and guides were very friendly. The scenery is amazing. The horses were in good condition (as were the dogs). We all were able to run, but the guides took the more experienced riders for several runs along the beach. Wear long pants and bring bug spray! Private rides are also available.

  14. Desmond (verified purchase)

    The actual Horseback riding experience was amazing. The scenery was gorgeous. The horses were so well trained I felt very safe even when they trotted and Galloped! Riding on the beach was such a great feeling. Wind blowing in your hair. waves crashing at the horses feet. Only negative was the owners at the end were rather pushy about the photo CD and RUM purchase. It felt very awkward. Be prepared to deal with this

  15. Kentrell (verified purchase)

    I love horseback riding. This place has beautiful scenery, the beach, to ride horses. Transportation is provided to/from your hotel. The staff is friendly. The horses are well-trained and young. You can ride as slow or as fast as you like. I wished the staff had warned me items can get lost during your ride. Other than that is was a great experience and would definitely do it again.

  16. Tevin (verified purchase)

    Going there I was totally afraid of horses. They made me feel comfortable and the whole experience was GREAT. I enjoyed every single minute of the ride. You should try it for sure, There is nothing like riding a horse down the beach of Dominicana

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Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Dominican Republic. The country has a countless number of horse farms and horses are still used for agriculture and transportation in many small Dominican country towns. In tourist areas like Punta Cana, beach horseback riding is a top excursion with beautiful, tamed horses accustomed to strolls on the beach.

Horseback riding is normally one of the more affordable activities in the Dominican Republic. The excursion will normally include transport to the jump off point, an experienced guide, some basic refreshments and of course a horse to ride! In tourist towns like Punta Cana, expect to pay around $75 per person for a horseback riding excursion.

Compared with other excursion in the Dominican Republic, horseback riding is actually reasonably priced. A normal outing in tourist areas like Punta Cana will include transport, basic refreshments and of course a horse to ride! Including transport, expect to be gone from your hotel for about 3 hours.

When horseback riding in Punta Cana, you'll want to wear comfortable clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sneakers. It's also a good idea to bring suncreen and bug spray. Remember you're horseback riding on a warm, tropical island so there's sun and possibly mosquitoes!

Yes, horses can ride on the beach! Beach horseback riding is one of the most popular excursions in the Dominican Republic. Although there are horseback riding tours on inland forest trails, beach horseback is common in coastal areas like Punta Cana and offer a photogenic and memorable ride along the destination's tropical shoreline.

Horses do like the beach! As creatures of habit they become accustomed to their riding route, whether that be a forest trail or a beach. Horses also have great memories and after riding the same route enough times, remember where to go and how to get back on their own. Horses in Punta Cana are practically automatic!


Horseback riding can be done year round in the Dominican Republic. The most popular season for horseback riding coincides with the country's high season. December to March offers cooler temperatures and lower humidity when compared to the summer months. Also, there's no threat of hurricanes and, in general, little rainfall.

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